In Riot's Project A, Players Can Buy Abilities Or Guns Every Round

Image: Project A

Riot's Project A was billed as a game trying to intersect the worlds of shooters like CS:GO and Overwatch. And in a select hands-on preview with Riot's shooter, a few gamers learnt a little bit more about the mechanics - and just how exactly the hero element functions in gameplay.

A string of CS:GO pros, former professionals and other notable players in the scene were given a hands-on with the game at Riot's European offices recently. While more details are still under embargo, Henry "HenryG" Greer was allowed to share some info about how the game functions on a round to round basis.

For CS:GO fans, Project A is right in their wheelhouse. It's a search-and-destroy/attack vs defence style game with two halves consisting of a maximum amount of 12 rounds (MR12), with defenders covering two bombsites per map. It's not necessarily the only mode in the game, supposedly, but it's the one Riot showed off at this preview.

The hero abilities, according to Greer, are purchased every round from the same pool of money players use to buy guns, adding an extra layer of decision making to economy management. Like CS:GO, eco rounds are a common thing, but players can also focus primarily on buying guns and armour like you would in a normal shooter.

The time-to-kill is roughly similar to CS:GO and other shooters of its ilk - the main assault/primary rifles will kill opponents with a one-bullet headshot - but abilities can also be comboed to give players the space and time to wear opponents down, too.

All in all, the gunplay is sounding more akin to Apex Legends crossed with CS:GO rather than how Overwatch works mechanically: abilities help, but the game isn't dominated by the use and reliance on ultimates or abilities triggering at certain times. For people who want to play solo, or want more agency to influence the course of a round - nothing's better than saving the round for your team in a heroic 1vx clutch - that's good news.


    So it's essentially a MOBA without the creeps and towers? I'm curious to see how they do with execution of the idea compared to everything that has already been done in this space because that is ultimately what will determine if it lives or dies.

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