PUBG Is Selling A Koala Skin Pan For The Australian Bushfires

PUBG Is Selling A Koala Skin Pan For The Australian Bushfires
Image: PUBG (Twitter)

The Australian bushfires have calmed down, but the country is still dealing with the devastation to property, wildlife and lives. The latest game to contribute is the battle royale PUBG, with the developers releasing a special koala and kangaroo skin for PUBG‘s iconic cast iron pan.

All proceeds from sales of the pan, which was designed by shitty watercolour on Twitter, will be “donated to help communities across Australia,” according to the studio. A follow-up post didn’t outline precisely what communities or organisations PUBG Corporation would be donating the funds to, but they did clarify that “all funds raised” would be gifted “via a lump sum donation to a chosen charity”.

“While the New South Wales Fire Agency has now declared the fires contained, the impact they have had on the people and wildlife of Australia has been immense,” PUBG Corporation wrote. “It will take some time for Australia and its environment to recover from a disaster of this scale, but we are thankful to be in a position where we can help in some way and are grateful to have fans like you willing to contribute to such a worthy cause.”

The pan will go on sale for PUBG players on PC between February 19 and March 18, and will be sold for $US2.99. Those playing on console will get access to the skin from February 27 until March 26, with the pan costing 300 G-Coins on console. The pan isn’t being sold through PUBG Mobile, which is made by Lightspeed & Quantum Studio, a division within Tencent Games rather than PUBG Corporation.


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