Resident Evil's Leon And Claire Are Coming To Monster Hunter: World

Resident Evil and Monster Hunter: World are two of Capcom's most successful titles, so I'm kind of surprised this collab hasn't happened earlier.

Still, it'll be cool to see the Raccoon Police Department make their appearance in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. The collab will be patched into the game sometime this month, and it'll be interesting to see precisely how Mr. X gets involved.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Mr. X is coming for a monster hunt, too.

I mean, I'm OK with Mr. X being a waifu and all. This isn't actually Resident Evil, so Capcom can do whatever they like. And hopefully we get more crossovers like that: weird AF.


    Went to the Capcom store in Shibuya a few weeks ago. The posters and merch were everywhere for the cross-over, as well as loads of trailers. They're making a big deal out of the franchise's 15th anniversary, too. So much cool commemorative swag available that it makes me regret not having saved up more cash before going.

    this actually isnt new news, it was released on console a month after iceborne released last year, its just been released now for PC, one month after iceborne was released for PC.

    The really big news however is that come april both PC and Console will be at parity and both will get updates at the same time

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