Rick And Morty Krispy Kremes Are Available In Australia Now

Rick And Morty Krispy Kremes Are Available In Australia Now

Here’s something to keep an eye out next time you’re around the airport or thinking about something sweet: Rick and Morty doughnuts and shakes.

Krispy Kremes announced a collaboration with the Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland series would be sold in Krispy Kreme stores – not 7-Eleven, BP or Jesters servos though – from today until March 16. Three flavours will be available: a Simple Rick’s Wafer Cookie filled with vanilla creme and dipped in strawberry truffle, the bright green Pickle Rick Doughnut with lemon creme and a white choc Pickle Rick that’s dyed green, and a Strawberry Smiggles glazed doughnut filled with meringue, confetti and mini marshmallows.

The doughnuts themselves will be $3.60 each, $12.95 for a pack of 4 and $27.95 for a dozen.

There’s also a fourth option: a Fleeb Juice shake, which is largely the standard Krispy Kreme milkshake with blue heaven and raspberry flavour added. (Blue heaven is already a milkshake with a raspberry and vanilla syrup, so maybe this is a tarter version with the extra raspberry.)

The shakes will be available in-store and through UberEats, if getting doughnuts delivered through an app is your thing. If you want to order online for click and collect, you’ll have until 5pm AEDT on March 2. More details on the landing page.

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