Rumble's First Trailer Introduces A World Of Professional Kaiju Wrestling

Tentacular jumping into the ring. (Image: Paramount)

Nerds love watching gargantuan kaiju beat the snot out of each other almost as much as they love watching professional wrestlers get greased up and brawl in the ring, which makes it surprisingly as hell that a movie like Paramount’s upcoming Rumble wasn’t made years ago.

Set in a world where humans and kaiju live alongside one another in what appears to be relative harmony, Rumble tells the story of Steve (Will Arnett), an average, non-wrestling monster who teams up with trainer Winnie (BoJack Horseman’s Geraldine Viswanathan) in order to make a go at becoming a professional superstar.

Steve’s mass immediately makes him infinitely more capable of taking on fighters like the hulking Tentacular (Terry Crews) than any human could ever hope to be. But sheer size can only take Steve so far, and he’ll need Winnie’s expertise if he wants a chance at becoming a wrestling champion.

Rumble, directed by Hamish Grieve, also stars Becky Lynch, Roman Reigns, Ben Schwartz, Steven Smith, and Tony Danza. The film hits theatres on April 1, 2021


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