Screen Queensland Wants To Fund More Video Games

Screen Queensland Wants To Fund More Video Games
Image: Speaking Simulator

While we wait for the federal government to get on board, state governments have done a great job supporting the local games industry. Queensland is stepping up to the plate today, opening up a new round of funding for studios totalling up to $50,000 per grant.

Queensland has been investing in games locally since 2013, with a fairly strong track record over the last several years. Recent games developed with Screen Queensland funding include the platformer Damsel; last month’s Speaking Simulator; Blueberry, an upcoming narrative adventure about dealing with trauma while growing up; the upcoming Unpacking from Assault Android Cactus creators Witch Beam; and the next, currently unannounced, game from the makers of Satellite Reign.

For developers looking to apply, Screen Queensland recommends going attending the “Building A Pitch Deck” seminar on February 26 at the Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre. The event is run by Jon Cartwright, the former director of production for THQ Australia and commercial director at Prideful Sloth, makers of Cloud Catcher Chronicles.

The requirements for applying are as follows:

  • Lives and works in Queensland (and has been a resident of the state for more than six months);
  • Is an Australian resident working with someone in a key creative role (writer, director, producer) who lives and works in Queensland;
  • Has a Producer or Line Producer who is a Queensland resident;
  • Can provide the required detail/documents for the program they are applying for – more information can be found on each of the program pages
  • Owns the rights to the story they are telling
  • Has read and complies with our Terms of Trade

More detail can be found on the Screen Queensland website, with specific guidelines on the next round of games funding here.


  • i am guessing the Queensland treasury has a massive influx of dollars with the $1000 phone fine in a vehicle.way to go Queensland for having us live in the most backward state in the country.just waste money on crap nobody will buy tax dollars hard at work

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