Image: Vanna O'Brien

So everyone had a solid crack at yesterday’s scribble, but no-one got close. Try and have another guess before finding out what the game actually was…

… it was Ape Out, the stylish top-down shooter about smashing people so hard they create jazz music. It’s an awesome game if you haven’t played it, and as you’d expect, there’s some strong Hotline Miami vibes.

Ape Out Is A Violent, Musical Game About Rampaging Primates

Ape Out is one of those games where every move could be your last. Ape Out is one of those games where you shout “FUCK, ARGH, NO” all the time, but you actually mean “OK yeah, one more time.” Ape Out is one of those games where you play as an ape who shoves humans so hard that they explode into a confetti of limbs and blood to create jazz music.

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I don’t think you’ll have as many troubles with today’s game, but we should all appreciate what a top job Vanna has done with the scribble. Calling it a scribble is a disservice, really.

Good luck!


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