Seven-Year-Old Wins A Pokémon Championship, Makes Everyone A Fan

Meet Simone Lim. She’s the new Pokémon Oceania International Juniors Championships champion. She faced off in Melbourne against the older and formidable Justin Miranda-Radbord. He’s defending champ with a long list of achievements, including 21-time Regional Champ.

Lim seemed to come out of nowhere to claim her crown. This was her first year competing; she ranked top four in Malaysia Regionals and at a Singapore Special Event, which would be impressive enough for most players. But Lim is not most players.

After winning the first match, Lim lost the second but came back for an impressive finish.

The match shows just how open and accessible esports can be, and in the process, has no doubt made a whole bunch of new Simone Lim fans.

In the post-match interview, Simone thanked her friends, her family and her coach.

You can watch the Junior Division Final below:


    This will probably genuinely do a lot for esports.

    Being such a young kid and being female, she's going to change a lot of people's minds on what esports can be and who it's for.

    This is all kinds of awesome. Well done Simone.

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