Shameless Animal Crossing Clone Coming To PC

Hey, if Nintendo won’t bring these games to PC, someone else will.

Just as we’ve seen already this year with Temtemwhich brought Pokemon in everything but name to the PC—now along comes Hokko Life, which is so Animal Crossing I’m surprised they didn’t just call it Animal Crossing For Personal Computers and cross their fingers.

Here’s the announcement trailer:

And OK, yes, while some aspects are just lifted straight from Nintendo’s game, I do appreciate that this is at least leaning into the PC market a bit more by giving the player more direct control over stuff like furniture placement and clothing designs.

Hokko Life is currently in Early Access, with a full release planned for later in 2020.


    I mean, I'm here for this shit.
    They wouldn't port Harvest Moon over, either, and we got the very best version of it ever in the form of Stardew Valley.

    So many of these games have such a distinct, souless aesthetic.

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