Not Even High Vampires Can Escape The Cannibal Murphy Bed

Not Even High Vampires Can Escape The Cannibal Murphy Bed
It waits.

Meet Tibeth Aconda, a high vampire with a heart of gold. She thought she was immortal. Until she met the vicious Murphy Bed.

Traditionally, vampires can only be killed by a stake. In a pinch, fire will sometimes do. But beds in The Sims have so far been an untested method of murder.

Until now.

The Sims 4‘s latest expansion pack, Tiny Living introduces smaller land plots. The smaller the house, the more benefits your household receives, from reduced bills to happier moodlets. To help out with this lifestyle choice, the expansion pack introduces a variety of space-saving items, like the aforementioned Murphy Bed. This fabled furniture is a bed that’s able to fold into a wall for easy storage.

The Murphy bed is powered by electricity, and much like any electronic device in The Sims 4, it requires frequent maintenance. If used too much or too often, it has the tendency to break — catastrophically so. For those among us who like to live dangerously, the Murphy Bed is the perfect accessory.

When I built Tibeth’s residence, the Aconda mausoleum, I set myself a challenge with three words: tiny medieval mansion. That meant aiming for a ‘micro home’ (between 4-32 tiles).

sims 4 tiny living

I enjoy creating silly backstories for all of my Sims, so Tibeth’s was one of grandeur and opulence. She had grown up a vampire orphan in Transylvania, eventually usurping the vampire crown with her deviance and ascending to the rank of high vampire. But in the age of the internet her reign was threatened and she soon fled to the safety of Windenburg for refuge.

So here she was, her entire past and belongings crammed into a 32 tile space.

I went for a gold, black and purple aesthetic here to represent Tibeth’s status as vampire royalty. Luckily, there was enough goth furniture in packs like Realm of Magic and Vampires to buff out Tibeth’s angry immortal aesthetic.

Tibeth was quite enjoying her new home, and plotting ways to take over her quiet neighbourhood street when she decided to go for a relaxing nap in her new Murphy bed. She passed her first sleep in total bliss, dreaming of the ways to fulfil her Master Vampire aspiration.

The Murphy Bed functioned as it should for several uses, but where was the drama? Where was the heartache? I had heard tales of this man-eating bed, and I needed to see it in action.

It didn’t take long for the bed to show its true self.

I started simple. Tibeth opened the bed. She closed the bed. She opened it again. And closed it. I believe she may have briefly considered the absurdity of her actions, but she was powerless to stop it.

The mind-numbing process was going smoothly for a little while. And then the bed jammed. There was a brief, haunting note. Tibeth approached the bed, intent on fixing it.

She climbed the slats.

And then … well, you can see.

In The Sims 4, death is a haunting spectre hanging over every household. On this day, He chose to claim the life of Tibeth Aconda, aspiring vampire queen. It just goes to show that while vampires may be immortal, not even they can escape the clutches of a vicious, man-eating bed.

May Tibeth rest in peace. And may The Sims franchise never end.

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