Holy Shit, There’s A Soldat Sequel

Holy Shit, There’s A Soldat Sequel

If you ever played Soldat on a school computer or a potato, then you’ll be pleased to know the legendary indie shooter now has a sequel.

Launching in early access through Steam next quarter, Soldat 2 is aiming to take advantage of Steam Workshop integration and other features that weren’t possible for the original 2.5D shooter.

The early access launch of the game will have procedurally generated levels alongside bespoke maps, a custom battle sandbox, online multiplayer with dedicated servers, ragdoll physics and the ability to modify every parameter in the game.

Realistic and classic competitive modes are planned for the game, along with a “sandbox-experimental” mode that’ll likely leverage the various additions released by fans through Steam.

You can add Soldat 2 to your wishlist and find out more about the game’s planned features on the official Steam page.


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