Steam Can Now Tell You What To Play Next

If you’ve ever been stuck scrolling through a games library that includes dozens/hundreds of PC titles, and you just can’t work out what to play next, Steam is going to try and help with a new feature called Play Next.

Unlike Steam’s store recommendations, which tell you what you should buy next, this is going through your existing purchases and trying to say, hey, you already own this, maybe this is what you’ll be into next. There’ll be three picks shown at a time, and if you don’t dig any of them, you can try again (how many suggestions you’ll ultimately get depends on the size of your library).

As for how good it is...well, it’s using a new algorithm system Valve has been working on, which the company says is “a don’t be surprised if it sometimes shows you some unexpected comparison points.”

Which is pretty much how it worked out for me. My very first recommendation was Company of Heroes 2, which given I’ve been playing a lot of Order of Battle, Panzer Corps and Company of Heroes lately is a pretty solid pick. Five picks (and two Batman games) in though and it was recommending DOTA Underlords, which is a big no from me, so maybe that’s the algorithm finding its feet.

If you want to try it out, you can login to Steam in a browser and flip through your recommendations here.


    DOTA Underlords because you've played Total War Three Kingdoms and two NBA games? Yeah, nah.

    So instead of going through your library trying to work out what you're in the mood for, you can have an algorithm go through your library trying to work out what you're in the mood for? And you still need to decide if you want to play it or not? Technology at its most useful.

    Even though the store algorithm is terrible (in my case at least) I can see the reason for it existing. It helps you find more things you might like in a sea of swill and sewage. Within your own (generally curated) library though it's considerably less useful because they are all games that you might want to play at any given point in time. I'd much rather just have good sorting and grouping options so I can focus on smaller groups of games.

      The utility is partly due to the prevalence of bundles, humble monthly and the like.

      My game collection is full of hidden object games and other bundle padding. These bundle fillers tend to overwhelm the games that I did actually think I might play at the time I bought those bundles, although now I can't remember which.

      And tastes change, so maybe one day I'll go on a hidden object game frenzy and perhaps this will offer some guidance about where to start.

      I would like the option to include games that I have played as well, since it's not uncommon for me to boot up a new game then have no brain space to properly complete the tutorial, but which I probably should have a second go at when I'm in a different mood.

    i wish companiesd would just allow us to disable these systems if we dont want them. I fucking hate recommendation systems. If i want something ill fucking look for it myself, the systems dont known anything about my tastes in games and not all games are the same. just because i played Kingdoms of Amular and Dragons Dogma means in now way that ill want to play some shitty dark souls game just because all 3 happen to be classed as RPGs.

    Same goes for fucking youtube and their bullshit "recommened for you" crap. its just that pure crap and whats worst Youtube activily does it best to prevent you from saying no to videos.

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