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  • Welp, looks like you can’t comment on KotakuAU articles unless you’re actually in Australia?

    You can’t actually even sign in… seems fun.

    Also, hello Australia. Did anyone else get so hyped over The Witcher that they just had to play through Wild Hunt again?

    Just me?

    • No, it went through just fine!

      And yeah, I fired up Witcher 3 again. Was playing it on the Switch but … 2080 Ti … Geralt’s hair … those light shafts …

      Goddamn that game is so good. And so easy to just pick up and carry on, too.

    • Yeah, I’m currently living o/s and was trying to figure out for ages why I couldn’t sign in. Guess it’s to stop people brigading from OS or something?

    • If only it was as easy to go the other way… I really have to twist my VPN and cache into knots to get the US site.

    • I noticed this last time I travelled internationally.

      There seems to be some system sitting in front of the website and modifies requests before they hit the backend. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the same thing that causes comments to be eaten occasionally.

      • The thing that causes comments to be eaten is primarily that your browser cache sometimes thinks you’re still logged into Kotaku while the Kotaku server disagrees. In the case of any conflict Kotaku’s server wins.

        The only real solution to this is to relog your account before submitting a large post, or at least, copy your essays to memory or word first.

        • I don’t think it is a browser side problem: I’ve done a shift+reload after having one of my posts was eaten and it still appeared I was logged in. If it was just a case of the website telling the browser it could cache things it couldn’t, then this should have cleared that up.

          What I suspect is happening is that they have some kind of special purpose proxy sitting in front of the content management system designed to protect the site from denial of service attacks. It has some concept of login sessions, but not the same as the backend CMS that renders the pages. If one system was using a reliable store for login sessions, such as mysql, and the other an LRU cache, such as memcached, then it is quite possible they would get out of sync.

  • Anyone else like me and sick of hearing about Megan and Harry?

    The media seems to have some kind of agenda to shit on them not matter what.

    • I honestly had no idea what was happening, as the first wave of the news came in the form of memes I didn’t understand.

      I get that it’s kind of a big deal for some folks, but personally I’m unfazed.

    • The only reason The Royals exist is as tabloid fodder. They sell tens of thousands of newspapers and magazines every week. Just to keep the coverage interesting sometimes the coverage is positive and sometimes it’s negative. In all cases it’s pointless trivia. This doesn’t stop people from buying it, quite the reverse in fact.

    • Being fair, at least compared to the usual royal gossip bullshit, this does have wider implications from a political and social concern.

      But yes, I too am sick of it all the time, 24/7.

      • The only wider concerns I can see is hysterical speculation about some theoretical split in the royal family, which certainly will continue to be excellent tabloid fodder but it’s hard to see anything else eventuating.

        The same articles come up every time there’s a whiff of scandal every few years – Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince Andrew and Fergie, Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein. There are no practical implications other than the number of trees that have been pulped printing thousands of opinion column inches of pointless speculation.

        Harry is now sixth in the line of succession, and drops further down the list every time William and Catherine Middleton have a baby, or their babies have another baby. On any objective level Harry and Meghan are no more relevant than the latest star to tearfully leave EastEnders.

        • The bigger concern is more about relevance – and its relevance which maintains the UK as a constitutional monarchy rather than a republic.

          • Here’s hoping it leads to the complete implosion of the monarchy, but in practical terms I can’t see how that can possibly be triggered by people so irrelevant to the entire enterprise.

    • Our tv antenna broke about 2 years ago… its all netflix or youtube on the tv now.

      There are times i feel a bit disconnected coz unless i look it up or it pops up as recommended i barely keep up with current affairs.. but for that stuff i am thankful im so disconnected xD

  • Possibly controversial opinion- How can anyone enjoy Fallen Order after Sekiro? I’m about 3/4 through Jedi and it’s so painfully buggy and average compared to From Soft’s game which does everything better. I kinda wished I’d just watched a play through and spent my time on a better game like Control or Disco Elysium.

    • I’ve only played Jedi for a couple of hours so I haven’t encountered any bugs yet but apart from the star wars story it feels like Sekiro lite to me.

      • It’s just so hard to play after Sekiro. The blocking just feels sloppy. Almost like guessing when to boost start in Mario Kart.

    • Make sure your frame rate is stable. There’s a bunch of optional effects that seem to make the frame rate erratic and it makes the game play like arse. I just could not get the timing right and then I capped it at 1080p, turned off the optional stuff and suddenly it was a lot more playable. Still felt like there were a lot of dropped inputs though.

      That said I totally agree. If it was released before Sekiro it’d feel like Bloodborne with Jedi, but I can’t unring the Sekiro bell. I know the better version of the game that could exist but doesn’t. Really unfortunate timing for the game.

        • I’m slightly curious as to how it plays on normal difficulties but not enough that I’ll ever play it again. It’s a shame because the idea of more Star Wars games venturing outside the mainstream genres is really appealing to me. I really wanted to like this more.

          • I played it on hard and last boss was the worst of the lot for timing. Was an okay game all around but definitely not up there with the best of last year.

  • Anyone got any good PC headset recommendations?

    It doesn’t need to be wireless but i am deaf in one ear and only use mono sound so i have no interest in 7.1 sound

    • Maybe don’t limit yourself to headsets. Good quality headphones can do the trick and have similar functionality. Check what Sony/Audio Technica have. I use a pair of Shures which are cheaper but sound amazing.

    • I recently grabbed the non-wireless version of Corsair’s RGB Elite Gaming Headset. Price-wise it wasn’t too bad, the quality is good and they’re pretty comfortable (you should be able to try a pair on in most JB Hi-Fi stores to make sure they’re a good fit). I haven’t used the microphone much but it seems to do the job well enough. The only issue I had was that the iCUE software literally wouldn’t open, which they finally acknowledged and patched, but even without the iCUE software it all worked fine through the standard Windows settings.

      If you want me to look into any of the iCUE features regarding mono sound output let me know.

      • i can confirm the iCUE doesn’t have mono cause i had recently purchased a diff corsair set off them and couldn’t get the mono going, after i sent them back i found the ease of access mono setting in windows which isnt in the audio settings :/ that should sort me out going forward

  • Hello, all.
    Long time, no TAY.
    Basically spent the past year helping my Dad and going to cons, (Went to Supanova Melbourne, Oz Comic-Con Melbourne, and PAX Aus).
    Bought a secondhand Razer Panthera, Got an MMO Mouse, started winning games in the weekly Smash tourney I go to, and reactivated my FFXIV subscription.
    So, that’s what I’ve been up to all this time…

  • Ok i am going to put this bluntly… fuck off with the auto playing video bullshit that seems to be now plastered in the middle of every article.

    For those with ublock blacklist “brightcove”

        • Yeah if they just loaded paused I’d be happy. Except for the ones on giz and Lifehacker. They seem more targeted to their pedestrian crowd.

          • It’s a vicious cycle in a way. They need ads for revenue, so they make them more intrusive, which sends people away (or they block them), which then requires more ads in more intrusive ways.

            @alexwalker is there a possibility of an Ad free subscription?

          • Not a bad idea. There has to be some alternative. Unobtrusive ads I would unlock but the Taboola junk at the big ads that take over the sides and such make it so I have to bock them as the alternative is not coming to the site.

    • Given this is still going on I’m happy to bump this comment. Not putting auto-playing videos on your website should be taught on day 1 of web design class, all it does is drive people to ad blockers and generate a lot of negative will.

  • Hello everyone,
    I would like to bring your attention to a highly suspicious game on steam right now. CO-JUMP FLY is ranked 13th top selling and is some kind of indie title that costs $114.95 AUD, with mentions of money laundering in its forums and a possible huge scam. i hope someone investigates this. getting the word out.

    • Here is a casual game about garbage classification, which is a platform jumping game with increasing difficulty over time. You need to classify different kinds of garbage.” LOL

  • Ok.. Im with luke above… im willing to put up with the stupid last second ad barrages on my mobile… but the auto loading videos? Not only annoyingly intrusive its eating into my bloody data as well!

    Get rid of it or Im out….. the last second loading was already annoying with me clicking on damn ads when im supposed to be commenting but i let it pass.. eating up my mobile data with useless video ads? Yup im out

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