Temtem, As Told By Steam Reviews

Pokémon Sword and Shield were solid and all, but there’s a new Pokémon sheriff in town. And by “in town,” I mean “on PC.” Also, it’s not called Pokémon. Temtem is, instead, a carefully crafted tribute to Game Freak and Nintendo’s monster-battling monolith. Steam users, for the most part, love it. That hasn’t stopped them from being silly in the reviews.

I’ve been dabbling in Temtem for the past handful of days, and while I’ve enjoyed the strategic battle system and higher level of challenge, I’ve found the game’s MMO aspect to be sadly underutilized. The game is in early access, though, so perhaps that will change with time. For now, Steam users are giving it the benefit of the doubt, with many praising its broad adherence to the Pokémon formula and the ways it diverges, like a stamina system and default two-on-two battles. However, some folks aren’t huge fans of the game’s MMO-like grind and lack of online features.


    I'm currently 88 hours into Temtem. Finished the main story at 30-35hrs in, including all of the side quests and talking to every npc (and actually reading all of the quest text).

    Suffice it to say I've spent longer playing the current "end game" than I did getting there. In terms of the breeding item increase, the items were to guarantee transfer of a single stat, guarantee transfer of 2 stats and guarantee transfer of the ability of the Tem. The single stat went from 300 to 1000, double went from 1000 to 5000 and the ability went from 1500 to 10000.

    It's a fair price hike but the people complaining about it don't seem to understand the key differences between Temtem and Pokemon. When you breed two Tems, each stat has 3 possible rolls. Lowest roll is the lowest value of the stat for the two Tems, mid roll is the average and high roll is the highest value of the two Tems. Generally even without using breeding items it isn't hard to get a Tem with 40+ in every stat (max is 50). I made a Tem with all 35+ stats when I first found the breeding centre while playing the story without using any items.

    In terms of maxing out all stats to 50, yeah that takes breeding items to guarantee each stat but that's the cost to ensure it is perfect in all stats and not just close. In reality there's very little difference between 45 and 50, it isn't going to decide who wins a battle. However, the community is still thinking this is Pokemon so naturally they just have to max out all stats...

    The other thing no-one mentions is that at the end of breeding a perfect stat Tem you don't just get 1 for the cost...I finished one this morning and it still has 3 fertility, that means I can breed and sell at least 3 extras for a cost of 10k each...Possibly more than 3 when I look at the Tems I used to get there. They sell for around 40-50k each last time I looked (prices fluctuate a lot) so I'm going to end up with a net profit and able to move into breeding my next perfect Tem.

    Taking that into account the cost of breeding items needed the increase, the barrier to entry was too low for an end game activity. I wouldn't be surprised if the price goes up again later down the track once they add more ways to earn money.

    Edit: Also worth mentioning is that every MMO needs a money sink in order to try and keep the economy under control. Currently the cash available is just inflating more and more every day as people farm more...what that will do to the economy once the auction house comes out is more of a worry than any grinding people have to do now.

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