The Art Of GRIS

Images: Conrad Roset

GRIS is one of the most stunning games in recent times, so today we'll be taking a moment to appreciate its beauty in full.

Created by Spanish developers Nomada, GRIS is one of those indie platformers that visually burns itself into your memory. And there's a real good reason why: the game's look was created by adapting the exceptional art of Conrad Roset. Roset is the creative director and artist for GRIS too, and a large part of the game's development involved taking the art and working backwards to find ways to make it interactive.

It's a short but great game, and you can read up on what that's like below. If you want to enjoy more of Roset's work, you can follow him on Instagram.

All images: Conrad Roset


    Loved this game, had no problem watching my husband play through it after I had finished either (we only have one PC).

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