The Art Of Journey To The Savage Planet

Vibrant: it's the one unifying characteristic in every story about Journey to the Savage Planet. The entertaining indie explorer was a solid romp overall, but today we'll just be enjoying the game's art design.

Below you'll find a selection of environment designs, characters and landscape concepts from Typhoon Studios. It doesn't include every location, storyboard or character, but it's plenty to give you a snapshot of how the game's iconic look came together.

The Paradox Behind Journey To The Savage Planet

Journey to the Savage Planet is built on a promise. Explore a strange world, and you'll eventually be able to glide, erode, slam and boost your way through any challenge. But it's without these tools where the game really shines.

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Journey To The Savage Planet's Director: 'This Is My Last Game That'll Launch On A Disc'

This week marks the launch of Journey to the Savage Planet, which we've been enjoying so far. The game is the first title from Typhoon Studios, a Montreal-based developer founded by Aussie ex-pat and Far Cry 4 creative director Alex Hutchinson and Reid Schneider. But according to Hutchinson, it'll probably be the last game the studio ever ships on a disc.

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Artists Sarah Gavagan and Andrew Olson were responsible for all the designs below, and you can see who produced what at the bottom of each image.


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