The Best Mods For Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The Best Mods For Kingdom Come: Deliverance
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Kingdom Come’s inconsistent adherence to hardcore survival and historical elements means that while some parts of the game are fine, you may find that others are an unnecessary drag. Luckily, there are already a ton of mods that can help with that.

Having tested a number of these over the past few weeks, here are some of the best I’ve found.

This story has been republished following Kingdom Come Deliverance’s free release through the Epic Game Store. Grab it here!


KCD actually shipped with some quite pretty volumetric fog. It just wasn’t turned on. This turns it back on.

UNLIMITED SAVING by EddieShoe and Biosmanager

This mod completely removes the need for the save potions that the base game requires players to use to save their progress. Instead, you can just save by hitting ESC and clicking SAVE, like a normal video game.


Henry is a surprisingly loveable doofus, but he’s still a doofus, and some players may want him to look a little more heroic. Which is besides the point of the entire game, but then, so is breaking its save system, so who am I to judge. This mod gives you new head and face options for the main character.


While this mod is called Unlimited Weight, and does indeed allow you to carry infinite items (KCD is by design incredibly restrictive on the amount you and your horse can hold on your peasant backs), there are also options to simply double or triple the intended amount you can lug around if you want to maintain some sense of realism.


One of the reasons the game’s bows are so hard to use is because your aiming reticle is taken away as soon as you’ve drawn one. This mod restores it, so that you now have a slightly greater chance of hitting one of those god damn rabbits.

EASY LOCKPICKING by fireundubh

Automatically unlocks any chest that’s at (or below) your current skill level, while leaving you to try and attempt more difficult ones via the minigame. Which sucks, by the way, so you might want to get the sectorial lockpicking mod to go with it.


The game’s arrows are really slow. This speeds them up to more closely resemble other games/what you imagine an arrow actually shoots like. Again, it might not be the kind of realism the devs were after, but you’re not combing through this post for that.

Those are my picks to get you started, mostly an assortment of mods that while retaining some semblance of the realism the devs intended, also make things a bit more “video gamey”. If you want to dig deeper, though, there are way more extensive mods on Nexus that do stuff like adjust the number of bandits on the road, introduce cheat console commands and remove the game’s fog of war.


  • No nekd mod? Doesn’t seem like complete list. I wish to bring the splendor of Henry’s junk to every settlement.

  • Be warned the easy lockping mod will break the “Playing with the devil” quest. It will not mark as success unless done manually. I had revert a save 20-30 minutes before because of that 🙁

  • Only mod out of these I’d use is the fog one, everything else about the game is fine. Since the devs put in the ‘save and quit’ option

    • Depends if to use it, you have to sit through that annoyingly long cut-screen loading thing, every time?!

      • You mean if you’re wanting to get around the limit number of saves that has been designed into the game?

        • yes while I truly adore this game, their save game system is absolute rubbish. Impractical. Inconsistent. Untrustworthy. All things a good save system should be. It doesnt make the game more immersive or challenging so many people try and have you believe.

          Even if I was playing on PC I still wouldnt be using this mod but I was truly interested where this new system takes you. Back to the menu screen or back to the opening movie.

          • I swear does no one realise you can skip the opening cinematic? I’ve only ever watched it once and I skip it every time now.

          • you cant on PS4. (well there is a point you can, after like 2mins). It is a long, long time, even a static loading screen would be better than hearing that whole speech over and over. These days I normally launch the game, go off and do other stuff and come back. I cant work out why it is so long, its only to get to the main menu, not the game itself (which I would understand)

  • The fog addition costs around 5fps at 4k, not too bad. Works nicely most the time but sometimes it can be a little odd in certain indoor settings.

    I don’t like the changing Henry’s face mods because allot of cut-scenes still have the original face. Bit off putting. Wish they made all cut-scenes based off current character looks.

  • The original Henry is still way cuter than any of those modded faces, no thanks! Definitely agree with faster arrows though, strange for a game which sought such realism, I have a recurve bow IRL and the arrow damn near teleports it’s so fast.

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