Unassuming Cube Transforms Into Awesome Lego Robot

All images via Moko’s Lego Blog (Photo: Moko, Lego Road)

Making a box out of Lego bricks is easy. Making a smooth cube using flat Lego pieces slightly more challenging. Creating a smooth cube with cool decorations that transforms into a small robot with a ton of personality, as Lego engineer Moko has? That’s master builder stuff.

Moko’s Cube-Robo, via The Brothers Brick, is a tiny work of Lego art. To make a flat cube out of Lego bricks, one has to come up with an underlying construction that features enough studs in the right places to affix all of the smooth pieces. A lot of planning goes into making it work.

But Moko’s cube is more than meets the eye. Does a regular cube do this?

How about this?

In mid-transformation, you can really see how cool Cube-Robo is. These aren’t bricks being detached and reattached to give the illusion of change. This little model is built so it can be manipulated into a new form, like a real Transformer toy. The process is almost more impressive than the result.

He’s so freaking adorable, isn’t he? The beefy chest, the stump legs? Using the clear blue piece for the eyes/visor so light shines through, giving it a glowing effect? He’s even got little hands, which can’t really be seen in the photographs but are totally there.

Not only is he cool-looking, Cube-Robo is cool-posing as well. Check him out.

Check out Moko’s blog on Cube-Robo for tons more photos of this boxy boi in action, along with Moko’s other amazing creations (I’m a big fan of the assault bear robot).


    Love it! Totally reminds me of the boxed mechs in Deus Ex Human Revolution.

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