What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

There’s nothing quite like a quarterly power bill to convince you to stay inside. And if you’re staying inside, spending time with video games is a great idea.

I’m working my way through a playthrough of Gujian 3, which is probably best – or at least most easily – explained by calling it a Chinese Final Fantasy 15. It obviously does its own thing, and there’s more of an emphasis on blocking in combat. So it’s probably not the fairest or straightest comparison.

Anyway, it’s entertaining and has a lot of charm, provided you don’t mind a bit of jank and the over-the-top wuxia style. Other than that, I’ll also be messing around with a new device and just working on some product reviews for the following week.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • I picked up Fire Emblem Three Houses on sale on the e-shop 2 weeks ago and have been obsessed. Never really played anything like it before so I can’t wait to sink some more time into it.

    • I love that feeling you get when you play a game that is unlike anything you have played before. Sure you can enjoy a genre but they all start to feel the same eventually. Enjoy that playthrough!

        • Hm. I’d say it’s mostly exposition through dialogue. A lot’s left unknown, early, because of it. The characters mostly aren’t doing that novice writer bullshit garbage of explaing, “As you know, your father – the King…” Took a while to get a hold on the real state of things, because it’s revealing it through the slice-of-life intros.

  • There’s nothing quite like a quarterly power bill to convince you to stay inside

    Oh the irony…

    TLOU Remastered (PS4 Pro). Finally got around to playing this ‘classic’ after hearing so much great stuff and wanting to get in before the Part 2 release in May. Not really a fan. I mean, it has to be one of those occasions where something is hyped too much and expectations are never met. But it’s just Uncharted packaged into survival horror. I like Uncharted; gameplay is always fun, story is light and keeps you smiling, cinematics and action are pretty. But that’s why Uncharted works, it focuses on fun and doesn’t sell you on anything much more. And that’s where I don’t buy into TLOU. By narrowing how you can engage enemies and then implementing it’s form of resource minimization, it becomes dull. Then after being dull, it becomes frustrating. And I like stealth. And I like resource management. I’m approaching this game very slowly, with a defensive mindset, and tackling each stage tactically. But I’m often times punished for that. There are stages where I get flanked by spawning enemies from behind me because I’ve kept back and defended a safe area and only advanced to pick off singular isolated enemies, and those enemies from behind have only spawned because I’ve been successful in safely picking off the ones in front of me so as to advance the set stage. And that’s very Naughty Dog; little sets. You drop down off a high ledge and a door closes behind you, and suddenly you’re dropped into shit which you had just spend the last 30 minutes meticulously avoiding. And so is the story good? Eh! I don’t like the zombie apocalypse because it seems to make everyone shrill. Everyone has to yell and pick fights with each other. The damn melodrama! How ’bout focusing on the terror of the murderous undead instead of bullshit nitpicking with the scarce facets of humanity that stand by you trying to keep at bay your seemingly inevitable gruesome demise. Some of the character development is okay and I’ve got some minimal investment that I’ll enjoy the payoff of where this story goes, but no, it’s not much. I’ve read a fair bit of comments and reviews to understand where the universal love for this game comes from, and I have a better idea (the story, mainly), but one reviewer summed it up perfectly by simply saying this is not a fun game.

    Stardew Valley (PC). I’m sucked right in. Spring was a series of inefficiencies and slow progress, but I’ve roared ahead in Summer, and I just love the dopamine rewards of gradual improvement and upgrades. My only regret is picking this up now, when it’s so close to the new Animal Crossing release. I couldn’t go in again on a big life simulator time-sink so soon, and I don’t think it’ll live up to Stardew Valley anyway.

    Super Metroid (Switch). A free year of NSO is coming to an end and I only used it to play Metroid (NES) in all that time, so trying to make the most of it. There’s not much there, really, that deserves to be played in 2020 (that I haven’t already played – Marios, Zeldas). Good to go in on Metroid for the first time, feels like a big series missing from my resume. Must get to the Metroid Primes one day.

    • You’re not alone in finding TLoU boring.

      I’ll try it again sometime. I keep meaning too. I just find I prefer playing actual video “games” with fun mechanics.

  • I’m in the “meh” phase of WoW so I’ll hop on for 30min to do my obligatory weekly then peace out to Mass Effect Andromeda or Dragon Age 1

    I was going to check out some older games like Anthem or Division 2 but trying to download 50+ GB on my adsl 2 connection isn’t a realistic scenario. by the time i’m done downloading I would have been over my initial curiosity

    • I jumped back into Anthem about a week ago and I’m having a ball. Just finished the BS tombs quests (still a blemish on a pretty good suite of missions). The combat still shines, especially if you can get another player in the mission with you.

      • I finished the campaign already in Anthem, not particularly sure what’s change hence the curiosity

        I guess I have HDD room to spare so I can just leave it loaded waiting for whenever I get curious again lol

  • Have finally got my sound mixing solution to work, wanted to mix the sound from nintendo switch and PC so i can run a dual monitor set up.

    I have a nintendo dock with HDMI connection on my desk and have a HDMI switch that allows me to put the switch onto my main monitor and use the pc on the 2nd.

    Got a little 2.5mm audio mixer to blend the two sounds together so i can game and netflix / youtube on the 2nd channel but ran into some sound issues.

    Finally found that the headphone max volume is limited on the switch without toggling that off.

    Finally got it to work and have been enjoying my switch titles, mainly Hyrule Warriors at the moment, will get into XMEN next.

  • I’ve recently gotten back into Warframe and though it was originally to farm Nekros and Oberon prime (plus weapons) I’ve done everything but. Right now I’m doing the Harrow farm and hoping I get a 75% platinum discount soon. The two are connected.

    Talking about Wuxia games makes me want to check out Sword and Fairy 6 though which I bought recently on sale…

    • How is Harrow and the 75% off connected?
      You after his deluxe skin?

      I’m finally getting around to doing the Kuva Lich and Railjack stuff.

      • I suspect it’s because Harrow farm is a BASTARD and a 75% off platinum purchase would let it be skipped entirely?

        (Personally, I usually use my Prime Access plat to buy new frames outright instead of farming, so I wouldn’t know if it’s a bastard to farm… but I have heard people complain.)

        • No that makes sense, the grind for Harrow is an absolute pain in arse, low % drop and a crowded loot table for both the defection and spy missions.

          Also, you get prime access? That’s quite a chunk of change every few months.

          • Depends if they’re taking their time. Ivara’s been up for aaaaaaaages. Sometimes it goes as long as six months.

  • Probably slow grind through Wasteland Remastered, it’s cool so far but i am still getting used to the UI.

    Also Ninja Gaiden 2 thanks to the Xbox Game Pass =)

  • More FFXIV, tho I’ve hit the point where I’m mostly running dailies and aimlessly unlocking old content. I did get the eight Eden raids unlocked and completed this week, tho coming from Destiny, I was expecting them to be more than just a single complex boss fight (even as fun as some of them are). It was refreshing to have to be constantly doing damage while dealing with increasingly complex mechanics for pretty much the entire 7-10min fight (as opposed to Destiny, where mechanics and damage are kept separate, because aiming while frantically running around trying not to die is nigh-on-impossible).

  • Descenders is free on Steam this weekend. So far it looks like a fun downhill biking game, only complaint so far is the graphics are last-gen ugly.

  • I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag again as it is my favourite in the series. I have been pondering what character to play Pillars of Eternity 2 with but I am inspired to be a swashbuckling rogue now.

  • Likely lots of Dead by Daylight, some Fate/Grand Order and Azur Lane (both gacha and PC varieties). Hopefully some Beat Saber to keep the cardio/arm flexibility exercises going.

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