What Game Would You Replay As If You’d Never Played It Before?

What Game Would You Replay As If You’d Never Played It Before?
Image: 3DO / Heroes of Might and Magic manual

If you could wipe your memories clean of one game, what would you return to?

Demos can be a blessing and a curse. For instance, I played the living shit out of Heroes of Might and Magic 2, a game I got gifted as a Christmas present by sheer chance. So when a simple demo for Heroes of Might and Magic 3 appeared on a PC Powerplay disc one month, you bet I played the living shit out of it.

I mention this because, having exhausted every square of the grid on the demo, extracted every spell and mined every resource dry, I think I probably ended up playing more of Heroes of Might and Magic 2 when I first got it than I did with HOMM 3. The hours evened out eventually with the HOMM 3 expansions (especially Armageddon’s Blade, the only one to add a new town). But there was something about spoiling myself too early that carried over to the full game.

But I bring up the HOMM games because there was something about their brand of high fantasy, and the exceptionally vivid art from the physical manuals, that worked for me. Maybe it was the whole angels and demons thing; my family wasn’t especially religious, but my mother was spiritual in her own way. Perhaps that bled over. But having played most of my games on PC and gotten heavily into games like Civilization, X-COM, Fantasy General and a random space 4X called Emperor of the Fading Suns, the HOMM games fit me to a tee.

It’d be nice to have that childlike wonderment, that undescriable delight you have when you’re just exploring, losing time into something.

Maybe it’s not possible to have that again. Who knows.

But now it’s your turn. You can wipe your memories clean of one game and play it again from scratch. What would you play?


  • The first Knights of the Old Republic. I was about 14 when I first played it and KotOR was about 7 years old by that point, so I already knew the major twist. I would love to go back and be able to experience that spoiler-free.

  • There are heaps my top 5:
    Super Mario Bros & The Legend of Zelda (nes)
    Mass Effect & Dark Souls (xbox 360)
    Monster Hunter 4 ultimate (3ds)

    • Super mario is an interesting choice ill give you that. Its not like it has a story or anything to relive.
      But i kind of get it, finding the secret pipes, wondering what sort of level will come next (normal, underground, seas etc). Fun even after you know those, but yeah something special about discovering it all.

      • I fortunately played it after the changes they made to the ending plus all DLC were out, certainly made it all a bit more palatable. But yeah i feel you, it has some big issues (ending in general, cerberus suddenly rivaling most militaries in a space of 1 year, how the geth story went).

        But even so i do like most of ME3 and its honestly still up there as a favourite game of mine. All the character interactions are great and the feeling of being on the losing side is well done. The gameplay is infinitely better than the previous and they conclude a fair bunch of stuff well.

        If you haven’t, you should play it on PC, tons of fantastic mods that make ME3 better in many ways. They dont fix some of the big issues but still. (well they do have ones for “fixed” endings actually but im not sure about my feelings them).

  • Probably Psychonauts. Just the bonkers difference between the levels and really having no idea what would come next

  • It’s a hard choice, as there are so many games I would love to replay blind.
    I could re-experience a series entry becoming my new favourite. In this case it’d be ‘Tales of Graces: F’, which became my new favourite over ‘Symphonia’.
    Another option would be to relive a story, with my choice being ‘The Last of Us’. Getting to that giraffe scene again… shivers already at that prospect.
    Or what if it could be an entire group of games in a series? Imagine being able to replay ‘Assassin’s Creed II’ through to ‘Revelations’ to relive the entirety of Ezio’s life. That would be an amazing moment to relive.
    But if I had to choose one game to be able to relive that first experience, it would hands down have to be Bloodborne. Getting to re-experience that slow descent into madness in which I went into the game expecting gothic horror, and then it slowly evolving into Lovecraftian. That slow realisation that the entire time the signs were there but I wasn’t looking, and then just as my character was gaining Insight I too was seeing them, as if lifting a veil that then caused me to dive fully into discovering the lore. That would be a magic moment to experience again.

  • The Last of Us and all the Uncharted games.(As someone said earlier, The Giraffes!)
    Half Life 2 (i was gifted this when very sick and played it no stop till i completed it)

  • Chrono Trigger. It’s a fantastic example of RPG and storytelling design that I absolutely know I’d have the same feelings for today as I did when I first played it.

    Which brings me to something I thought about as part of this. The question is what game would we choose to lose our memory about and play fresh again. Would we really want that though? Our memories and experiences are the strongest part of why we like a game, would you still feel that way playing it today given everything you’ve experienced in between? I know there are several games I’d be less enthusiastic about playing fresh today than at the time.

    • True some of my older favourites might not necessarily hit the same notes if i tried it now ‘for the first time’.
      Some personal PS1 classics like crash bandicoot and spyro, syphon filter and C-12 final resistance.
      I still go back and play them (enjoying it too). But if i hadnt played them back then, i really dont know if the ‘oddness’ of their gameplay/controls would put me off too much to enjoy them.

  • I wanna say DKC2, but then what if I didn’t have such an appreciation of it as I do now?
    Imagine you wake up in a hospital bed and your family shows up and says you’ve got amnesia, but they brought you your all-time favourite game, in hopes it’ll help you. You play through it and it’s not that great and you can’t imagine why it was allegedly your favourite.

  • Civilization. That game gave me thousands of hours of wonder over many years, but nowadays it just feels like a chore. I’d love to approach the franchise again as if I were discovering it for the first time.

  • Outer Wilds. I’m so bummed I’ll never be able to experience that world(s) for the first time again. It’s not a game in which the gameplay itself is the fun, satisfying part, it’s the accumulation of knowledge.. so playing it again is kind of pointless.

  • Modern Warfare 2.

    The scene where Ghost is killed made me shed man tears when i first played the game. Stellar story.

  • Day of the Tentacle.
    Pretty much any LucasArts point and click Adventure games. I played them so much it’s almost like muscle memory to finish. I miss the jokes or the excitement of figuring out a silly puzzle with ridiculous solutions

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