What Game Would You Replay As If You’d Never Played It Before?

If you could wipe your memories clean of one game, what would you return to?

Demos can be a blessing and a curse. For instance, I played the living shit out of Heroes of Might and Magic 2, a game I got gifted as a Christmas present by sheer chance. So when a simple demo for Heroes of Might and Magic 3 appeared on a PC Powerplay disc one month, you bet I played the living shit out of it.

I mention this because, having exhausted every square of the grid on the demo, extracted every spell and mined every resource dry, I think I probably ended up playing more of Heroes of Might and Magic 2 when I first got it than I did with HOMM 3. The hours evened out eventually with the HOMM 3 expansions (especially Armageddon’s Blade, the only one to add a new town). But there was something about spoiling myself too early that carried over to the full game.

But I bring up the HOMM games because there was something about their brand of high fantasy, and the exceptionally vivid art from the physical manuals, that worked for me. Maybe it was the whole angels and demons thing; my family wasn’t especially religious, but my mother was spiritual in her own way. Perhaps that bled over. But having played most of my games on PC and gotten heavily into games like Civilization, X-COM, Fantasy General and a random space 4X called Emperor of the Fading Suns, the HOMM games fit me to a tee.

It’d be nice to have that childlike wonderment, that undescriable delight you have when you’re just exploring, losing time into something.

Maybe it’s not possible to have that again. Who knows.

But now it’s your turn. You can wipe your memories clean of one game and play it again from scratch. What would you play?

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