Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem, As Told By Steam Reviews

Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem, As Told By Steam Reviews

What would happen if Diablo and Path of Exile shacked up and had a baby on the Cryengine? Apparently, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is the answer.

That’s the general sentiment from reviewers on Steam who have been working their way through the ARPG, which launched out of early access today. The combination of Diablo‘s graphical polish with the brutality of Path of Exile, minus the Kiwi ARPG’s intimidating skill tree, has worked well enough for the game to get a 79 percent Mostly Positive rating from just over 10,000 reviews, with that rating soaring to 88 percent rating across 3600 reviews leading up to release.

Wolcen isn’t necessarily an ARPG that does a lot with the existing ARPG formula, but according to fans what it does do is very, very good. Fans praised the game’s replayability and versatility with builds, as well as the crisp graphics, density of mobs, and especially the ability to reroll skill points and talents, allowing players to switch classes from, say, mage to warrior with little complication.

Wolcen Is A Diablo Clone With Big Potential And Bigger Bugs

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, an action role-playing game for PC in the style of Diablo that’s been making waves on Steam recently, has a lot going for it. There’s the gargantuan skill tree whose rings you can physically rotate to create near-limitless build possibilities. Eye-catching graphics that put it in league with upcoming genre megaliths like Diablo IV and Path of Exile 2. A rock-solid base of compulsively-satisfying smacking. Unfortunately, instead of drowning in loot pooped out by the legions of the damned, players are currently under a tidal wave of bugs.

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Negative reviews noted a string of server issues around the game’s release, a lack of optimisation on launch day, the default movement button being bound to left click (which is your default attack), a lack of environment variety and monster design, poor voice acting and general quirks with the controls.

Here’s what players are saying about Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem:

More details about Wolcen can be found on the official Steam page.


    • Considering Diablo 3 was great (and I played at launch before all the expansions etc) I might check this out sometime.

    • The game is just in a really bad state atm and honestly I wouldn’t expect it to get better for a few months. End game is also pretty boring right now. It’s a shame given how fun the game is when it works.

      • Yeah, “when it works”. Spent some time trying to progress expeditions only to get to the third floor and to be greeted with a disconnect. Loose all progress, no productivity earned towards the keep and no bonus XP. I uninstalled after the 3rd time this occurred, I will give it some time and re-install when the issues have been resolved.

  • I have about 15 hours in the game and am finding it to be a blast. Yes its buggy and has some UX issues but the core gameplay is great and the character building is really engaging – its like POE lite in that respect.

    I would say its worth checking out in a month or so – the Dev’s are super responsive but have announced they are rolling fixes into weekly patches so once the game is more stable it would be hard to pass up as an ARPG fan at least until the next POE league starts in April/May.

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