17 Minutes Of Resident Evil 3 Gameplay

Resident Evil 3 brings Jill Valentine back to the heart of Raccoon City to solve puzzles, sidestep zombies, and sprint in whatever direction Nemesis isn’t in. The towering monster really wants a word with you and will hunt you down in the most absurd ways.

Starting the game, I wasn’t fully prepared for how chilling some of the opening scenes are. The fake news footage of the outbreak in Raccoon City was so realistic that I nervously looked out of my apartment window to make sure none of it was live. Look, there have been a lot more sirens lately, OK?

I struggled at first with how much the gameplay was focused on action-packed setpieces, but a couple of new weapons and Jill’s handy sidestep dodge helped me find the fun in that tense, silly Resident Evil nonsense. It definitely tiptoes further into the tone of James Cameron’s Aliens than Resident Evil 2 did, and that’s not surprising given how Capcom has used that movie as inspiration in the past.

Here’s a look at 17 minutes of gameplay I captured to show off the gameplay (and a few of my missed headshots). Make sure you read Heather’s review on the site too!

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