A Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Is Out Now

A Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Is Out Now

You’ve read our impressions of Final Fantasy VII’s remake, sure, but if you want to try (part of) it out for yourself, good news: as of right now, a demo is available on the PlayStation Store.

Five Things I Loved About The Final Fantasy 7 Remake, And One I Didn't

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is almost here, and I spent around three hours with the game recently when the game came to Sydney as part of a global press tour. The preview was enough to play through the first two chapters, boss fights and a section later on in the game. Here's five things about the remake that I loved, and a few that have me worried.

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It’s available worldwide, and covers “the opening chapter from the game, and the events of the iconic Mako Reactor 1 bombing mission”.

Anyone downloading the demo before May 11 will also get “an exclusive PlayStation 4 theme when the full game launches next month”.

You can check out the Australian demo listing here.


  • Okay that was pretty awesome!
    The combat is the perfect mix of real time and tactical.
    And the game looks gorgeous.
    Can’t wait!

    • I definitely agree. I’m not much of a final fantasy fan, but I thought I’d give this demo a crack. Around an hour to try it out and it sucked me in. The audio, music and the added voice acting are all pretty great. The game is visually awesome and I have decided to make this a day 1 purchase

  • I liked it all except the combat, which seems unnecessarily convoluted. I almost game-overed on the first boss, for crying out loud. Clearly I was doing something wrong, but the game wasn’t telling me what. Before long I ran out of Phoenix Downs and with Cloud dead, Barret somehow scraped by the skin of his teeth and destroyed it. Not as messy as FF15, but not very intuitive or user-friendly either.

    • I agree – having just completed the very good remake “demo”. Everything up til the final boss was very well done. Awesome graphics, voice work and so on.

      But there seems to be an annoying over-reliance on “staggering” a boss… except you’re not sure what will do that. There are verbal prompts “hit him with lightning” or what have you, but that seemed to do little with attacks from both Cloud and Barret doing “1” damage.

      What possible is missing is a “reveal” skill show shows strenghts and weaknesses of the MOB (I can’t remember what the skill is called in FF parlance).

      Or maybe I’m just not that good. Regardless looks like a lot of fine polish is going on the product. Time will tell if the fan base love it and are willing to fork out AU$75 plus per installment.

      • Luckily for me, I love the midgar section of the game and loathe the rest of it.

        This remake making Midgar a whole game will mean I’m only buying this one

      • I don’t know, I thought the combat was great & pretty straight forward. But I understand that classic turn-based RPG fans well be overwhelmed by it all in the beginning. I suspect those who play a lot of action games (such as Platinum Games extensive library) will find themselves at home like I did. But for purist they can just play “Classic Mode” which turns the combat to it’s traditional turn-based roots. I personally will be sticking with the new system, it’s more dynamic & exciting.

      • It was probably doing 1 damage cos it’s shield was up.
        switch to the other character and target the field generator behind it.
        When I used lightning with Barrett at the end of the fight it took the thing’s leg clean off.
        (However I actually didn’t realize Barrett had lightning until then so, I’ll try the fight again later, and see how damaging it actually is.)
        But as for the overall demo experience I had a blast.
        I did love the original but I’ve never been the biggest fan of turn based combat, so seeing this new mix of more action oriented, tactical combat is a welcome one for me personally.

    • For crying out loud? If you don’t at least fail a few times then whatever game you’re playing is far too easy!

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