An NPC Protocol Droid In Battlefront II Has Had Enough And Fights Back

An NPC Protocol Droid In Battlefront II Has Had Enough And Fights Back
Gif: Scorpion5437, <a href="">Reddit</a>

Look, everyone has a breaking point. One Battlefront II player pushed an innocent NPC droid to this point after shocking it. So the droid pulled out a blaster and fought back.

Droids in the Star Wars universe are often treated like crap. Many folks think of them as things, even though droids like R2-D2 seem to have emotions, memories and distinct personalities. But droids aren’t always helpless, as Reddit user Scorpion5437 discovered while playing the Star Wars Battlefront II campaign.

He encountered two droids chilling in a hallway and decided to shock the protocol droid, the one that looks like C-3PO, because why not. What’s the droid going to do? Randomly spawn a weapon and become hyper-aggressive and try to kill its attacker?

Oh shit.

ImageGif: Scorpion5437, Reddit

Not only did the droid magically conjure up a blaster rifle, but it also became invincible. Scorpion5437 shoots the angry droid a few times but it doesn’t even flinch. According to the user, the droid would eventually kill them, though we don’t see that moment in the clip.

Some folks on Reddit have theorised that these droids are actually an Easter Egg and are referencing the murderous droids that appeared in the Doctor Aphra comics. I’m not so sure. It is possible this is a fun nod to those droids, though it sounds like the droid in the clip starts talking like a rebel soldier and that makes me think this is more likely a bug.

However, if Dice is looking for new characters to add, I would be very happy to see 0-0-0 and BT-1 added into the game.

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