Get Doom Eternal And Animal Crossing: New Horizons For $49 [Updated]

Get Doom Eternal And Animal Crossing: New Horizons For $49 [Updated]

eBay is offering the best price yet for Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doom Eternal this Wednesday.

Starting from 9am Wednesday, March 18, eBay Plus members will be able to pre-order both Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doom Eternal for $49 each. That’s a full $20 cheaper than the next best deal for both titles.

Update 18/3 9:15am: Looks like Animal Crossing is all sold out now! 600 copies of Doom Eternal will still be available online from 12pm AEDT but you’ll have to get in fast if you want them!

Of course, the catch here is that you’ll need to be an eBay Plus member. Membership costs $49 a year (it appears monthly instalments are not available), but if you’ve never tried it before, eBay is offering free 30 day trials for new members.

That way, you can sign up, grab a bargain on Doom or Animal Crossing and then discontinue membership before the yearly fee hits. Not bad! It comes as part of eBay’s Mid-Season Sale. We’ll be bringing you more great gaming deals as they pop up. Until then, have at it! Both hell and calming high water await.

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      • Nintendo didn’t even organise any review codes for anyone in ANZ; can’t imagine they would have been organised enough to get that kind of deal through all the various hoops, even if Bethesda was cool with it.

        • Since you’re here Alex, why not add an ‘each’ to the end of that title as it’s a tad misleading <3

        • I like how you think of the two it’d be Bethesda that would have to be the most uncool with that particular pairing…

          Though I really do love the imagery of Nintendo execs being all “Fuck yeah, let’s gooooo!” at the idea of pairing their family friendly game with the Doom Slayer.

  • Sorry everyone looking forward to Animal Crossing, all the in-game photos of the game don’t depict correct Social Distancing. REFUSED CLASSIFICATION.

  • And here I was thinking Doom Eternal was delayed indefinitely for the Switch, paranoia can do funny things to one’s mind..

  • Having only 300 copies copies is absolute rubbish. I now remember why I avoid eBay like the plague. I avoid click frenzy for the same reason, I loathe “get in in the first 20 seconds or miss out” deals”

    Stuff it, I just preordered it on the Nintendo store using one of those “buy a voucher for two games for $135” deals. Animal Crossing would benefit from not having to swap cartridges, anyway.

    • Pretty much my exact thoughts of every topic with the exception of using eBay to find older/random stuff that is not in stores on occasion.

      But I won’t use it for stuff like this. I have loathed click frenzy since it started and I have also bought AC with a voucher. Such a slow burn of a game is perfect candidate for a digital purchase.

    • Yeah. It’s a bit of a waste because I have an EB gift card sitting there from Christmas but I went with the eShop pre-order so I don’t have to worry about carts.

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