How To Get Iron Nuggets In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How To Get Iron Nuggets In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Iron nuggets are worth their weight in gold in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You need 30 nuggets to open Timmy and Tommy’s corner shop on day two, and they’re also the only way to strengthen your tools. But iron nuggets can be hard to find, and the game doesn’t tell you exactly where to look, either.

Here’s how you can get iron nuggets in the game.

First, you’ll need a shovel.

How to get the shovel in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

how to get shovel animal crossing
  • Donate five fish or bugs to Tom Nook on day one of your adventure.
  • Locate a place for Blathers, the museum owner, to set up shop.
  • On day two, visit Blathers to hear about fossils and receive the DIY recipe for shovels.
  • Craft an axe out of wood and stones found on the ground.
  • Hit trees with the axe until you receive five hardwood.
  • Craft the shovel with this hardwood.

Phew! Once that’s out of the way, you’re free to use the shovel. While its primary function is to dig up fossils and help you plant trees, the shovel has another important use — it can help you discover iron nuggets.

How to get iron nuggets in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

how to get iron nuggets animal crossing

Iron nuggets can be found by hitting rocks with your shovel. Each hit provides one kind of material including clay, stone and iron nuggets. The catch here is that you have limited moves available to get the nuggets, and the more you readjust your position, the less material you’ll get.

With every hit, your character will also get further away from the target rock. The best way to get the most material out of a rock is to dig a hole behind or around your villager to stop them from drifting backwards.

Depending on your haul, you should be able to get 1-5 pieces of iron nuggets out of every rock on your island — and if you need more, you can purchase a Nook Miles Ticket for 2,000 Nook Miles and raid the rocks on Mystery Islands, too.

animal crossing iron nuggets

Once you have the iron nuggets, you’ll be able to build Nook’s Cranny, and improve any tool in your arsenal.

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  • I had to raid 2 mystery island to gather the 30 iron ore for the shop. 10 from my own, 10 from each islands. 🙁

  • ‘Fun’ fact, if you’re buffed up after eating fruit, you destroy a rock when hitting it with an axe or shovel and you only get one stone. I learnt that the hard way after destrying three rocks at home and three rocks on a mystery island. I hope the rocks at home respawn today…

    • One respawns every day until you’re back at capacity, each in a random location on the island. Destroying them is useful for forcing them to respawn in a more convenient location to your camp.

  • Making this way more complicated than it needs to be! Once you can make axes, you’re ready. Swing at the rock, flick the stick in its direction, repeat to get 7 materials. I’ve built the shop and haven’t even unlocked the shovel DIY yet!

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