Animal Crossing Players Are Cluttering Their Islands With So Many Cages And Crates

Animal Crossing Players Are Cluttering Their Islands With So Many Cages And Crates
<em>Nintendo</em> (Screenshot: @Pop_lys, <a href="">Twitter</a>)
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a peaceful game about living on an island and slowly building up a small town, complete with its own museum. But the museum, where you can donate animals and other items, doesn’t open up until you play for a few days. And because Animal Crossing is in realtime, that means most players have nowhere to store all the bugs and fishes they are catching. So they are filling their islands with boxes, cages, and crates.

So many.

Across Twitter, I’ve already seen over a dozen players sharing screenshots of their islands covered in various cages, crates, and terrariums. Many are stacking up this mess of critters near the location of where their museum will be, once it opens.

Other players are just placing them around their islands. One AC fan even posted a screenshot of them flying in to visit their friend’s island, which was covered in cages. Even from the sky, they could be seen.

Animal Crossing is a game about patience and chilling. But also, it was released during a global pandemic which has forced folks to stay home. Which means people have nothing else to do and are just binge playing Animal Crossing and not chilling. Folks, have some chill.

Poor Blathers is going to be so tired after dealing with all of y’all’s junkyard of animals and bugs.


  • Haha I’m pretty scared for when my museum opens. I’ll have to spend 10-20 dumping them off to blathers. At least I learnt you can stack same sized cages on top of each other from this idea. 😛

    • At least I upgraded the house for storage so I can keep my unique bugs and fishes in storage while waiting for the museum to open. One more day until it opens! My arowana and arapaima is waiting…

      • Haha I had home storage.
        But out of future laziness-I kept dumping them in front of the museum. It opened today, so all good I was really happy when Blathers said he takes donations in bulk. 😀

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