Artist Quits Game Industry For Tattooing

Artist Quits Game Industry For Tattooing
Photo: Maggi Tattoo, <a href="">Instagram</a>

For two decades, the artist known as Maggi has worked in South Korea’s game industry as an illustrator and art director. Now, she finally quit her day job and is focusing on her new love: tattoos.

Previously, Maggi worked at IMC Games on titles like Tree of Saviour and Granado Espada.

Three days ago, tipster Sang points out, she announced that the next chapter in her life was tattooing. “As some of you already know, I’ve worked in the game industry for 20 years,” she wrote (via Sang) .”And then I fell in love with tattoo so I decided to finish my long journey in the game industry and decided to focus on the tattoo.”

As tattooers do when they are just starting, she’s been practicing on herself—as well as her husband and anyone who will let her. Maggi already has an Instagram account filled with tattoo flash art and previous work she’s done.

Obviously, drawing on paper (or these days, digital tablets) is different than on humans, but up until now, she’s been tattooing in her spare time. She seems to be making the new career transition quite well and is already doing guest work in Toronto. 

I quite like her intricate, fine-line style! It’s always nice to see someone try something new. Check out more of her work on Instagram


  • Some nice work line work is on point, wonder if she will start experimenting with coulor and shadows.

    There is a pretty big demand for her style though so that could be her thing.

  • I fucking hate this style.
    But with more practice her lines are going to be solid. She’ll be pretty fucking busy, as that style is super trendy at the moment.

    • Yeah I look at this style of tattooing and think to myself, how long until the lines and intricate shading just becomes blurry as eff. Kudos to her trying to get into the game though. I will stick to traditional tatties though.

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