Australia’s Getting Some Sweet Pokemon Switch Decals

Australia’s Getting Some Sweet Pokemon Switch Decals

It’s not quite as classy as the Animal Crossing themed Switch, but if you’re a Pokemon fan, these might be even better.

Reader Dave got in touch and let us know that two listings have appeared on the EB Games website, unveiling two Pokemon themed decals for $34.95 each. There’s two on offer: a yellow-and-black themed decale that turns the front of your Switch dock into a sleeping Pikachu (plus skins for the Joycons and Joycon grip), or a more vibrant Kanto-themed skin with everyone’s favourite starters on the Joycons, and their fully evolved versions on the dock.

I’ve always maintained that Pikachu was the wrong yellow Pokemon to highlight, so the Kanto version is definitely the way to go. Having the level two evolutions as the skin for the rear of the Switch is a nice touch, too.

The skins come with a screen protector of their own as well, so it’s a good investment for anyone just getting a Switch (or getting a second Switch in the family).

You can find more info on the decals over at EB Games.


  • Who doesn’t like Pokemon decals for your Nintendo Switch if you two don’t like Pokemon? Pokemon decals are definitely the way to go if you’ve been growing up watching Pokemon anime or have been too many Pokemon games including Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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