Here’s The Best Cheap 144Hz Gaming Monitor Right Now

Here’s The Best Cheap 144Hz Gaming Monitor Right Now

If you’re building a PC on the absolute barest budget, getting a 144Hz screen for $200 sounds good. And if you’re hunting around online, you might be tempted by a deal from Kogan where you can get a curved screen for $199. Don’t get that: here’s a better deal.

Not paying more than $200 for a screen helps a lot if you’re trying to make every dollar count. As far as monitors go, Viewsonic are consistently some of the most affordable in the Australian market, generally rivalling brands like AOC for the attention of budget-conscious gamers.

And for the next month, the Viewsonic VX2458-C-MHD is available for $199 from Sydney retailer MWave.

It’s about $60 cheaper than the next best brand-name 144Hz 1ms screen from AOC, and the VA panel means you’ll get decent image quality (although a bit of fine tuning in the monitor settings is a must). There’s Freesync support, although it’s not going to be good as a more expensive monitor, but it’s certainly an improvement from the 60Hz or 75Hz screens available at the same price point. Buying a Viewsonic screen, as opposed to the B-grade panel in the Kogan 144Hz model, means you’re taking less of a gamble.

If you’re interested, there’s more info and specs over here.


    • FreeSync ranges have improved so much. Remember when it used to be 48-75 and that was “decent”

      • Yep, I also remember when alot of monitors only did FreeSync over DP, making the HDMI port useless 🙁

        Same with 4k

  • so if this is average (and sounds like a sponsored commercial) – what is a recommended 24″ 1080p resolution monitor with freesync and 144hz please?

    • This isn’t average – this is actually considered to be one of the premium options.
      It doesn’t have HDR, but neither do most of them.
      Just happens to be cheap – probably because 24″ is very small these days.
      I wouldn’t want to go smaller than 27″ personally.

      You can check the list here

    • It’s not sponcon – there’d be a breakout box or a line somewhere indicating it if that was the case. We’ve always been upfront about that.

      Re. 24″ 1080p monitor: honestly, if you weren’t going to grab this – or you wanted to pay extra for Samsung’s curved 24″ 144Hz screen, going to a 27″ or a 24″ with 240Hz is probably the way to go.

      If 1080p is the res you’re happy with, the Samsung 27″ VA 240Hz is the most affordable at $379. I’ve reviewed it before; it’s a real good screen.

      • Thanks Alex.. I’m in my 50s and honestly I find text way too hard to read at higher resolutions unless I up the font size and / or use browser magnification. I still enjoy gaming though 🙂

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