Bless Your Ears With Animal Crossing: New Horizons ASMR

Once you dive into the world of Animal Crossing, there’s no going back. Perhaps one of its most addicting aspects is its incredible music: From the background tracks designed to change seamlessly at the hour, every hour, to Animalese celebrity K.K. Slider’s own multigenre discography, the care and effort given to the sound design in the Animal Crossing franchise is nothing short of stunning.

Woven underneath those tracks are the in-game sound effects that accompany every action your villager takes: the clank of your shovel striking a rock, the plop of your fishing float hitting the water. Although most people are buzzing about room decor and custom designs, the sounds are what really make that trademark, Animal Crossing-chill gameplay.

As you grind away to pay off your home loans and appease the Big Raccoon, take a moment to indulge yourself in a short meditation with the natural sounds of your New Horizons island. Take in the rush of ocean waves crashing against the shore. Listen to the click-clack of your villager’s shoes against the museum floor. From the wind and waves to the splash of catching your 78th sea bass in a row, let’s listen to some of the best ASMR sounds for your ears in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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