Call of Duty, Overwatch, World of Warcraft Hit By DDoS Attack

Call of Duty, Overwatch, World of Warcraft Hit By DDoS Attack

Online services and internet providers are getting slammed right now, all because of the coronavirus and self-isolation. So naturally people are turning to video games, which is causing all sorts of problems people never thought they’d experience. Like queues just to login to

Update: 5:07pm The official Blizzard account, and the client, are now warning users that the service is being hit by a “DDoS attack against network providers”.

Call of Duty, Overwatch, World of Warcraft Hit By DDoS Attack

The attack comes after users had trouble logging into the client, while others were disconnected from games while they were connected.

When users did login, the client reported that there is “an issue that is affecting our authentication servers”.

Call of Duty, Overwatch, World of Warcraft Hit By DDoS Attack

Blizzard aren’t the only ones to have server issues over the last week. Xbox Live has had two hiccups in service over the last week, and days after expanding their video sharing limit from 10 to 50, Discord had an hour-long outage. As more companies try to cope with the unprecedented spike in daytime gaming and usage, expect more developers to run into similar problems.


    • Yep… Pretty clear these people have never played during any sort of significant launch on the service, acting like queues for Bnet login have never been see before.

  • Queue to log in to Sounds like WoW Classic has invaded all the servers. Brings to mind BC with hour long login queues.

  • How sad would you have to be to DDos stuff? Wow, you can run a script. Impressive.
    The internet is a great thing but just like real life it’s filled with assholes and losers.

    • You don’t even have to run a script. There are sites where you can just pay a couple of bitcoins, tell them where to point their lasers, and they’ll do all the DDoSing for you.

      • You’d have to have a serious grudge to fork over a couple of Bitcoins, I think this is more likely sociopathic script kiddies who’ve found themselves with too much time on their hands.

        • I seriously doubt this is script kiddies. A script kiddie is someone who downloads LOIC and points it at a site and then thinks they are a 1337 h4x0r.

          The person/ Group behind this more than likely owns some kind of botnet/ Infrastructure to be able to output such volume.

        • By “bitcoins” I just meant “units of mathematically derived pseudocurrency”. I genuinely have no idea how much a bitcoin is actually worth, but I imagine it’s not a lot given it isn’t real money.

          • $8,000 – $9,000 AUD.

            Soooo… If anyone has some they’re giving away, I’ll take their fake money.

  • Global pandemic is gonna wreck a lot of stuff. Not necessarily the stuff you’d think of first. There are going to be dickheads who try to make it worse for everyone. Sad stuff indeed. Wonder what goes through their heads?
    Is it for attention?
    Do they think it’s ‘dope’?
    Are they the sort of people you’d want to sucker-punch in real life?
    Or do they keep their ‘real talk’ for a keyboard?
    Would they do the equivalent of this stuff in real life or are they just cowards?
    Anonymity is great and all but can you prove the courage of your conviction? In real life?
    Or will you crumble like little bitches at the first sign of real consequences?

  • Gotta admit, my first thought was, “I wonder if these ‘DDOS’ attacks are similar to the ‘DDOS attack’ that the Australian Census experienced when 20+ million Australians attempted to log in on Census Night.

  • Probably unrelated, taking into account that they had just released a new league, but Path of Exile also got hit by a DDOS

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