Channel 7 Is Getting Into Esports, Again

Channel 7 Is Getting Into Esports, Again

Two years after abandoning their foray into esports and video games, Australian broadcaster Channel 7 is having another crack. The network Wednesday afternoon announced a new partnership with LetsPlay.Live (LPL) to air “weekly premier esports shows” to their 7mate secondary channel.

The first shows will kick off weekly for two months, with Rainbow Six: Siege matches broadcast at midnight on 7mate every Thursday. The official release, however, said that the partnership would see 7mate air “a year’s worth of broadcast content for 2020”.

“Throughout 2020, we look forward to broadcasting LPL events to Australian fans on 7mate,” Seven said in the release.

The partnership comes after the airing of Rocket League at the end of last year, where LPL’s Rocket League finals were aired on 7mate. It’s also two years after Seven throttled plans of hosting their own esports league, which was meant to be one of the pillars of their ScreenPLAY gaming brand. The show, however, was cancelled before the league got off the ground.

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Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Mini SNES this morning, it was revealed that the esports league for Channel Seven's new gaming show, screenPLAY, would feature two games.

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    • From the sound of it, this would be massively cheaper to produce than Screenplay was, with all the liability on LPL’s side.

    • Maybe that’s what they need to do. Get a bunch of beautiful people drunk off of free booze, have them play competitive video games and film the results.

  • Kind of amazed that Channel 7 can afford to do this given they’re basically on the verge of collapse right now.

    • They’re not taking any of the operational risk or cost; they’re just offering up the time slot. LPL are the ones bearing the whole load.

      • It probably doesn’t hurt that LPL is a New Zealand company, which would mean this counts towards their local content quota.

    • This is what’s confusing me. People who want to watch esports… already are.

      They don’t have to go to F2A TV for it. Why would they? What can F2A offer the esports viewer that twitch and whatever other streams can’t?

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