Community Review: Nioh 2

Community Review: Nioh 2
Image: Nioh 2

Back when Sekiro was at its height, I mentioned how playing the game was like an intricate, elaborate dance. But the analogy is even more apt for Nioh 2.

Released on the PS4 last week, Heather found Nioh 2 to be the best possible take on the Dark Souls-style of combat to date. Also, the character creation options for your Yokai Shift are just fabulous.

I feel a little bad for Nioh 2 in that it’s kind of been buried under the radar a little bit. That happens to good games sometimes, where just timing and consequence means really good titles, including ones as refined and polished as Nioh 2, miss out.

That shouldn’t be the case: every second of gameplay I’ve seen is superb. You take the stance you want going into a fight. You can hold two melee weapons if you want. Ki-pulsing means you can regain stamina and energy with well timed dodges. It makes for an elaborate dance, a constant succession of alternating dodges, stasnces and swings. It’s beautiful in motion.

Nioh 2: The Kotaku Review

The Dark Souls formula is tried and true. It’s been adapted into science fiction settings, placed into 2D, and refined time and time again. 2017’s Nioh is arguably the most successful spin on the genre, adding flashy combat and the turbulent politics of medieval Japan. Nioh 2 is an improvement on every front. There’s no other way of saying it: I’ve never played a game where fighting feels as good as this.

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Any Souls fan should play Nioh 2, as far as I’m concerned. But that’s me. For those who played it over the weekend or since launch, how have you found the game?


  • Combat still feels excellent and enjoying it so far. I spent so much time playing as visitor and helping others finding all the kodama and killing boss and I’m progressing so slow.

    Nothing is more than seeing your invoker die to enemies 😛

  • Nioh 2 is amazing, even after spending 100 or so hours on the first game, and playing through the Nioh 2 demo it still feels fresh and approachable. The story is also a lot better with some impressive (and beautiful) artwork and design, the supporting characters are charming and memorable too.

    As a veteran of sorts this game has encouraged me to leave the comfort zone and play with various builds / weapon combos and guardian spirits. Essentially the plan is to master everything, made easier by the tightening of game-play mechanics and fluidity in how to spend skill points and how to accumulate them.

  • I’ve only barely begun to play but from what I’ve seen elsewhere combined with my experience it feels more like Nioh Game+. The setting and story are different but this is still the same game (Complete with the old game engine problems like the janky hit detection) you’re used to with a few QoL and combat improvements. Which is to basically say if you liked Nioh, you’ll like this, if you didn’t like Nioh you won’t like this and if you thought Nioh was alright but a bit lacking then you might like this.

    Personally I keep wishing I was playing Sekiro 2 instead, missing the verticality and dance-like conversational rhythm of the combat.

  • few of my friends find the endless customization a turn-off compared to Sekiro’s focus on pure combat. I haven’t got into Nioh yet but will definitely wait for a PC port of #2

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