Dante’s Inferno In 4K Is A Treat

Dante’s Inferno In 4K Is A Treat

Dante’s Inferno is the kind of game that thrives of fast, fluid motion. So for a PS3 emulator to play the game at a buttery smooth 4K at a capped 60fps? Truly a dream.

The official RPCS3 YouTube channel uploaded a video this week showcasing Dante’s Inferno, with the game now completely playable. It ran on the emulator before, but you couldn’t finish the game due to problems with the physics in some levels. The experience was also ruined by stability problems and stuttering in cutscenes, and the developers have ironed out those problems, too.

An action-slasher like Dante’s Inferno, which is basically a respin on God of War with a Templar knight instead of Kratos, would be unplayable without a solid frame rate. There was a lot of dumb shit around the release of the game – remember the time EA hired fake Christians to protest the game at E3 – but there was a neat Holy/Unholy upgrade system and some suitably cinematic boss fights.

You can still buy Dante’s Inferno today, but it’s only compatible with the PS3. So it’s nice that RPCS3 offers a taste of what the game could be like. Silly marketing aside, Dante’s Inferno always deserved a sequel.

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