Dead Or Alive 6 Is Charging Players To Change Hair Colour

Dead Or Alive 6 Is Charging Players To Change Hair Colour

Well, here’s some bullshit: fighting game Dead or Alive 6 has, in a recent update, introduced a new form of microtransaction, in which players are charged real money to change a character’s hair colour. Then charged again to change it back.

The move went live in the recent 1.60 update, whose big deal was that it was going to allow for all kinds of customisation options, and is only an issue for PlayStation 4 users (the only platform this update will be released on), not anyone playing on PC or Xbox One.

Every change costs the users a single Premium Ticket, which in real world terms is USD$1. Amazingly you’re paying for the change, not an unlock, so if you want a character to go from brown to blonde and back to the exact same brown it was before, that’s going to cost you $US2 ($3).

The last time we saw nonsense like this was with NBA 2K18, where the move was met with such hostility that 2K, a series that delights in finding new ways to nickel-and-dime players, not only walked it back in 2K19, but included a cutscene apologising for it as well.


  • This game was already dead to me. Now it’s a weird pool of sludge that occasionally spits out centipedes.

  • I hate how much doa turned into a shitshow. It is actually a very good and technical fighting game. But with the mtx and the crazy sexualisation of the characters it’s just to hard to take it seriously.

    • Don’t knock the boobs, their fine. But yeah, MTX is a good way to kill off a franchise. Good that children are finally showing some restraint and not spending their parents money on this crap! only way MTX is going to go away is STARVE the shit out of the companies doing it. Ideally they default! / go bankrupt.

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