Death Stranding Is Coming To Steam, Epic Store This June

Death Stranding Is Coming To Steam, Epic Store This June
Image: Death Stranding
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If you’ve been waiting to second screen Death Stranding when it hits PC, good news: the wait isn’t as long as you might have thought.

Kojima and co. announced this morning that Norman Reedus’ Australia Post expedition would be coming to PC on June 2, just days before E3. Interestingly, the game will release concurrently on Steam and Epic Game Store, and not just Epic as some initially feared.

It’s an interesting move, given that the console platforms would traditionally want at least a one-year exclusivity on their tentpole games: Death Stranding only released in November. But hey, I’m not going to complain.

I won’t be wearing the headcrab helmet, though.

One Of The Most Annoying Parts Of Death Stranding Has Been Fixed

A new patch for Death Stranding went live today that finally makes the extended animation that takes place when encountering BTs completely optional.

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Death Stranding Has An Oddly Adorable Birthday Easter Egg

At the start of Death Stranding, players are asked to input their birthday. It supposedly affects a condition called DOOMS, which grants characters special powers. In practice, the date hardly matters in-game and doesn’t affect how your character plays. It does, however, unlock a fourth wall breaking birthday message for players.

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  • So have Epic finally realised how destructive their tactics are or did Kojima lay down the law I wonder?

    • I am going to guess neither, they had strong sales when it launched on PS4 and the biggest thing Epic brings is more money (either via bigger slice of sales and/or up front payment for making it exclusive). Neither Kojima needs or would really want, especially when he seems the person to get it to as many people as he can (artist over profit).

      But that’s a guess, would love to see an email where Epic tried to convince him and he just replied ‘no’.

  • I am looking forward to this but more concerned with this: Denuvo 1 machine activation limit

    Which one of the dev’s responded with this: Hi – Little update from our side. The 1 machine activation limit was a store listing error and has now been corrected

    However, it just reads now: Incorporates 3rd-party DRM: Denuvo

    Which doesn’t state if there is a 5 machine limit per hour or any limit for that matter and the dev hasn’t added any more information since. I don’t want to update my pc specs and have to buy the same again. I love going back to some previous games and maxing out all the settings at greater resolutions. Or I also replay a lot of older games I enjoy.

    • Which doesn’t state if there is a 5 machine limit per hour or any limit for that matter

      If i remember correctly, its 5 machines total.

      Denuvo is an overbloated version of SecuROM and its just as cancerous now as it was back then, at the end of its life SecuROM was straight up malware.

      • They usually state something like this: Incorporates 3rd-party DRM: Denuvo Anti-tamper
        5 activations within 24 hours for a single user on different machines machine activation limit

        And yes Denuvo is a very bloated piece of tech with the constant calls it makes throughout the whole game it is utilised in and hindering performance. It is even more cancerous these days as it has gotten worse and worse in how much it is implemented. Makes SecuROM look like a common cold.

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