How To Do A Super Jump In DOOM Eternal

How To Do A Super Jump In DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal tells you from the outset to keep moving, and you’ll be dead within seconds if you don’t. But the game doesn’t give you all the tools you need to best survive, at least not openly. One of the best tricks in the game is the ability to launch yourself into the air, both as a way for getting out of tight spots and also surpassing some of the more annoying jumping puzzles. Here’s how you do it.

The basics of a super jump are pretty straightforward. Usually, the player has two jumps available, as well as the ability to grab ledges and dash.

But there’s an extra trick that’s super helpful, and one that can save you a lot of lives and lost time. It works in a couple of ways, but the basic principle is that you can gain extra velocity and height by jumping using the geometry of the in-game world.

It was a bug back in the 2016 reboot of DOOM and a big fan of speedrunners. They quickly discovered you could get extra elevation by jumping off certain ledges, enough that you could skip past entire sections of the map. Skipping parts of the level is actually essential if you want the Platinum trophy on PS4, too.

So there’s no surprise that the mechanic makes a return in DOOM Eternal. You’ll need two things for this. The first: you’ll want to be playing on PC. That’s partially because – and this is was a feature of the older Quake engine – you won’t get as much velocity from your jumps without having a really high frame rate.

In the Quake 3 days, or games that used the Quake 3 engine – like Call of Duty 4 – the minimum you needed was 90fps. The actual target in DOOM Eternal hasn’t been identified yet, but needless to say, the higher FPS the better.

So, how do you use it? The first step is to rebind your jump key from the default SPACEBAR. Mousewheel up or mousewheel down (or both) is the best option. The in-game menu doesn’t let you bind mousewheel up or down normally, but you can fix that by opening up the developer console with the tilde key (~), located above TAB.

Here’s what you’ll see from the main menu, but you can do this at any stage of gameplay.

The tilde key (~) is always there in your time of need.

Once that’s open, you just have the following in. If you just want the mousewheel bound to jump in one direction, then just type in one of the below.

  • bind mwheeldown “_jump”
  • bind mwheelup “_jump”

Once that’s sorted, you can get to jumping.

To get a basic, get out of jail-type boost, you’ll want to jump off any ledge, ramp or piece of smooth geometry on an upward incline. If done right, you’ll vault right into the air off a single jump, giving you all sorts of momentum.

Here’s what the simple version looks like, with a single jump enough to vault me to the top platform:

An even better example of this is later on in the Cultist Base where the rune is located. Ordinarily, you’d have to punch a button, grab a ledge, vault to a wall with mines on it and work your way up.

Alternatively, you could run to a set of stairs diagonally across from where the rune is, run forward and just … jump straight to the rune. You can see exactly how this works below (if the video’s not coming up, it’s because even 20 second videos are taking a literal age to process on YouTube right now).

It’s also an important ability for giving yourself space when enemies swarm around, too, although how much velocity and distance you gain will depend on where you’re jumping from.

But there’s more. Later in DOOM Eternal, you’ll unlock the ability to grapple to enemies. If you’ve also got the Chrono Strike – that’s the ability to slow time in mid-air – and Air Control runes, you can launch yourself even further.

How it works is this. Make sure you’re lower than the enemy you’re grappling to. Once you’ve started grappling, activate your slow-motion with the right mouse button or whatever your bind is. After that, jump while holding forward and you’ll find miles in the air.

Super jumping is an essential trick for speed running, but it’s useful for anyone playing DOOM Eternal. The slow rate of projectiles means launching yourself in the air will give you plenty of space from your opponents, but also plenty of time to target weak points, making the harder modes infinitely more manageable.

If you’re still on the fence about DOOM Eternal, I’ve streamed a chunk of it below through YouTube. There’s some decent flick shots throughout, although you can also enjoy me miserably fail one of the jumping puzzles at the end too. Entertainment for everybody.


  • Glitch through the harder modes, or just turn the difficulty down to a level you can manage I suppose. Whatever floats your boat.

  • Ah binding jump to scroll wheel, brings back titanskating memories from earlier destiny 2.
    Off topic, but on this note i’d kill for a full single player destiny so they didnt care so much about the odd glitches like that.

    Also, this seems fun so i’ll likely give it a try. Wont “cheat” my way through anything, but on replaying missions and stuff this will be cool.

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