Beating Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s First Boss Without Taking Any Damage

Beating Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s First Boss Without Taking Any Damage

We’ve all got a month still until Final Fantasy 7 Remake actually launches, which means everyone has a month to try and beat the Scorpion Sentinel without taking any damage, like this player.

YouTuber Hyoto Frost uploaded a short video of them taking on Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s Scorpion Sentinel without copping a single hit, and the strategy was pretty simple. It starts by running Cloud behind the Sentinel and then switching to Barret, ensuring the Scorpion’s focus is on him.

After some basic attacks and abilities, the Sentinel will focus its laser on Barret. That’s the cue to switch to Cloud and start raining abilities from behind, which puts the Sentinel into a pressured state. Hammering it with strong abilities in Operator Mode will then stagger the boss, after which point the second phase of the fight will be triggered. The scorpion’s missiles can be dodged by running forward, and using Barret can keep the pressure up while the Scorpion flees out of melee range.

It’s a really great use case of how Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s combat system is supposed to work. Get this rhythm down pat, and you’ll be literally unstoppable.

It highlights just how much Final Fantasy 15‘s battle system laid the groundwork for FF7R, too. It’ll be great to see fans zero damage the other bosses in FF7R in a month’s time, especially later in the game when you can switch between Tifa and Aerith as well.


  • Gave the demo a shot last night. While I like seeing the modern makeover of the classic locations and the modern reinterpretation of the classic music, I really don’t like the new combat system at all – I’d much rather they stuck to the turn-based, menu-based ATB system from the original.

    The voice acting is also average at best. But it’s the combat that is probably a deal-breaker for me.

    • That was my basic impression after playing the demo. It was better than I was anticipating it to be, but it would have been better with the old combat system.

    • XV’s combat made me stop playing it and put the game away. I’ll have to re-do the Demo on Classic difficulty to see if it makes it better though, but currently it’s a hard pass after playing the Demo.

      • Same here, I managed to finish XV but I won’t say I loved the combat system (it was purely the story that got me through). But I didn’t mind it here, I found that having to balance each characters abilities to stagger (and actually be using them to build their action points) allowed for some of the old school tactical thinking I liked from the original. I’m not 100% sold on the materia system and wish we got more information on that though!

        My only issue is that I REALLY don’t like Barrett so I hope his attitude changes reeeeal quick. Nothing worse than an arrogant better than thou attitude, regardless of whether or not he is making perfectly valid points.

      • Same I liked it a lot, reminded me a lot of Platinum Games-style of action combat in terms of complexity & depth. Those who don’t like the new combat should probably try Classic Mode which changes to combat in the demo to turn based combat. But I prefer the challenge and excitement of the new combat system.

        • I was tempted to check out Classic Mode exept for the bit where Classic Mode is locked to Easy Mode difficulty.

        • It doesn’t change it to turn based, though. It just automates movement, dodging, standard attacks etc while you wait for the ATB bar to fill so you can use spells / abilities.

          • Oh OK. So it isn’t traditional turn-based in the sense, but it sounds like the closest thing to it & a much more preferable style for those who don’t like the dynamic style of the new combat system.

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