Granblue Fantasy Versus Adds Buff Grandpa Soriz On April 7

Every fighting game needs a muscle-bound older gentleman to show those young whippersnappers what’s what. In Granblue Fantasy Versus that old man is Soriz, a former weapon crafter who decided he was the greatest weapon of them all. He also enjoys wearing loincloths. He’s coming to the game on April 7.

One part living weapon, one-part dirty old man, Soriz is the third of five downloadable characters from Granblue Fantasy Versus’ first wave of extra fighters. Arc System Works and Cygames announced his impending release today (via Gematsu).

If I were as built as Soriz, I might fight in little more than an adult diaper myself. The tall, super-strong elder shows off his moves and his body in his debut video below.

He is an inspiration to older men everywhere.


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