Here’s Some DOS Classics For $3

Here’s Some DOS Classics For $3
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With all the lockdowns and closures, it’s hard to buy a coffee for $3 these days. So you might as well grab some remakes of the most wholesome PC games from the last two decades.

DotEmu is the French publisher known remastering classics back from the dead, including I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, Fatal Fury, Windjammers, the Metal Slug games, and Another World.

And 9 of those remakes are now available for a measly $3.05 through Fanatical. The pack includes narrative adventures like Little Big Adventure 1 and 2, classic schmups like Raptor: Call of the Shadows and Raiden Legacy.

The remake of Karateka is in there as well, although the crown jewel is probably the Gold Edition of The Last Express, Jordan Mechner’s real-time rotoscoped adventure.

The Last Express Was One Of The 90s Most Unique Games

The non-linear story helped make The Last Express one of the best adventure games of the 90's, but it wasn't the only reason. There was an incredible amount of work behind the scenes with bluescreens, actors and heavy stylised makeup, all of which was necessary to pull off the game's look.

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There’s also Sanitarium, the isometric horror adventure from 1998. The trailer is still floating around YouTube, if you never got a taste of its trippy nature.

You’ll get Steam keys for the entire bundle, so you can gift some of the games if they’re not your cup of tea. I’d argue $3 for The Last Express and Raptor – although I always have a soft spot for those early Apogee shareware games – is worth it, but getting seven other games with it is pretty solid. Head here for more info.

This post has been updated and retimed with the bundle available for $3 once again.


  • I’d argue $3 for The Last Express and Raptor…I’d argue just $3 for Raptor. After Tyrian it’s one of the best vertical shmups from the 90s on PC.

    • Hell yes. I’d pay more than that for Raptor alone! SO much time spent playing that in the 90s 🙂

    • Raptor is the reason I find it difficult to care about modern shmups. Far as I can tell, Raptor did it best in the 90s and no-one’s even come close since.

      • it also doesn’t help when Tyrian2000 is free!

        though there have been some worthy ones since – like Jets’n’Guns (JnG2 currently in EA on Steam)

  • The Little Big Adventure games still stand as a personal fave that I’d like to see remastered & improved (or just continued by a new company).

    • New controls, UI/autosaving pls. I revisited LBA recently and forgot how frustrating the first half hour was. Especially trying to lob my ball at very, very lethal and unforgiving obstacles.

      • Pretty sure the new versions on GOG have revised controls where it’s point and click movement which seems to help a lot.

        • If I recall correctly the updated versions distributed through Steam/GOG/etc. are actually ports of the mobile versions which happened first, since they got the required QoL improvements because the old keyboard interface was of course completely unsuited to touchscreens.

          I check back on the magicball site every few years since I think there were at one stage plans for proper remasters and a possible third game, but I don’t think anything ended up going forward 🙁

        • I got them on GOG years ago & started up the first game only to be blatted by the awful controls. Had completely forgotten them & GOG didn’t have a manual available at the time for some reason.
          If they’ve since updated them with click and point controls will have to fire them up again.

          • Just had a look and it looks like the revised controls are for the Enhanced Edition on Steam version. Might be wrong though.

          • I grabbed the $3 bundle and activated it on Steam this morning. Might pop on to it tonight and let you and @shadow298 know the difference, because I also have what I believe is the ‘original’ edition on GoG.

          • Yeah, the Steam one is a port of the mobile version. It’s almost entirely mouse-controlled… haven’t tried gamepad. It’s a hell of a lot better that way, it turns out.
            (+ @shadow298)

          • is it really the ‘original’ edition though if you don’t have to key through that giant garbage list of video cards and reset your SoundBlaster settings almost every time you play? (still more friendly and stable than the Win95 version of the sequel though)

          • Hence the quote marks. 😉

            I ran the Windows 95 emulator a couple weeks back (man, what a blast from the past) and started some of the bundled games… man. Selecting sound card, IRQ etc… We’ve come a long way, baby.

          • Thanks for letting us know.

            Not sure want to buy it again but will check it out.

  • How can you write this entire article and not mention that it contains double dragon
    Although the clincher for me was Pang, my wife is going to love that I get that for her. Perfect with mothers day coming up

  • If it had the original Karateka, that’d be a must get for me. That was one of my favourite childhood games back in the 80s.

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