If You’re Bored, You And 4 Mates Can All Grab Tabletop Simulator For Bugger All

If You’re Bored, You And 4 Mates Can All Grab Tabletop Simulator For Bugger All
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It’s Friday. It’s searing hot. Most of us are stuck inside and not everyone has aircon. It’s a turd day all around. So you might as well grab a tenner, four mates, a Discord channel and play some Tabletop Simulator.

Fanatical are the only store right now running a 50 percent off deal on Tabletop Simulator, which is handy if you’re looking for something to do with mates. A single copy of the game will set you back just over $14, but you can also get a 4-pack of codes for $40.74, meaning everyone who wants to do a quick round of Gloomhaven, Carcassonne, Fallout Monopoly, Clue, HeroQuest, Catan or more – because all those games are available for free through the Steam Workshop – only has to stump up a tenner.

There’s a string of official games as paid DLC, and some of those are totally worth it too. Wingspan is one of the best engine builders released in the last few years, being made by the same publishing house behind Scythe and Tapestry. It doesn’t have that competitive element as such, so it’s definitely great if you want a more chill game. That’s also about collecting beautiful birds.

Blood Rage is also very good, but that’s a big game and a huge commitment from the off. So you’re probably best sticking to the free games and ones on the Workshop first. There’s even mini golf games if you want something really different. Even fuller RPGs like the Fallout board game and the New California expansion are playable through online.

Anyway, there’s more info on Tabletop Simulator here if you want to check it out. And if you just want a code for yourself, here you go. The game’s playable on Mac and Linux as well, which is a big plus if you’ve got work colleagues that are all stuck on Macbooks.


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