Please Enjoy This Incredible League Of Legends Toilet Paper Art

Please Enjoy This Incredible League Of Legends Toilet Paper Art
Image: Bilibili (Li Qingyi)

Using the dunny roll for art isn’t the first thing on most people’s mind, but as it turns out, it works pretty damn well for League of Legends.

Artist Li Qingyi, presumably because why the hell not, has been dabbling around with toilet paper for a while. The ink artist has built up a following of a couple of hundred thousand on Bilibili, a Chinese video sharing website, recreating various paintings and franchises like Digimon and One Punch Man.

As a indication of how good Qingyi is, here’s their recreation of Pokemon:

Pretty good stuff. Lately, however, Qingyi has been stuck in side like so many others in China. And following a request from a client, Qingyi began doing his ink art on … toilet paper.

It’s pretty incredible stuff, and using a 50m roll of what must be the gold standard in dunny paper, Qingyi painted 154 champions on the whole roll. It’s pretty impressive how detailed a lot of the characters are with a single brush.

The voiceovers from the Chinese version of League are applied as well, if you have any familiarity with that. Some of the characters, like Tahm Kench, are pretty easy to identify though.

Incredible stuff. If you’ve got nothing else to do, scrubbing through Qingyi’s videos is a great way to kill some time. There’s also a video of Qingyi drawing heroes from King’s Glory on a 30m roll in colour, which is just excellent.


  • Is that really toilet paper or paper towel? The size compared to the artist’s hand makes me think paper towel which would be a lot easier to paint on than toilet paper which would tear super easily when wet. Or maybe China just has really large toilet paper sheets?

    • That’s the translation as it came out on the description! The rolls look a little narrower than the paper towel we have here (but longer than regular poo paper). But if you look on Alibaba, you can find listings of jumbo toilet paper rolls.

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