No, That Robot Image Isn’t Teasing GTA 6

No, That Robot Image Isn’t Teasing GTA 6
Illustration: Rockstar Games,

I understand a lot of you want Grand Theft Auto 6 news or information, but this isn’t it. And this isn’t how you will learn about GTA 6.

Recently, the exact date isn’t important, Rockstar updated their website to include some new images. Two of these images caught the attention of Reddit and some GTA fans. One image featured a robot with champagne and the other image was the Rockstar logo with random numbers and shapes. For some reason, a not small amount folks got excited and wondered if these images were teases from Rockstar about a GTA 6 or maybe even Bully 2?

Well, here’s the bad news. These two images aren’t teasing anything.

I’ve been visiting the Rockstar website for a long, long time. I’ve seen the various updates the site has gone through. There was a period of time there where the site was unusable on mobile. Now, it runs great and looks nice. Through all of these changes, one thing has stayed the same: The Rockstar website is dynamic and filled with ever-changing artwork and mottos.

And from all my time writing about Rockstar games, I’ve never heard of them using these random pieces of art to tease or announce a brand new game. Sure, some of them might be Easter Eggs or inside jokes, but the vast majority are just cool looking artworks created to make the site look better and randomly changed each time you visit.

ImageThe other artwork that people believed could be teasing something. (Image: Rockstar Games,

Some eagle-eyed fans spotted the year “1998″ on the bottle in the robot image and wondered if it was a reference to GTA San Andreas, which is set in the 90s. Maybe GTA 6 is a sequel to San Andreas? Or maybe it is set in the 90s? But the more likely answer is that Rockstar Games was founded in 1998 and this artwork is referencing that.

So no, the robot isn’t teasing GTA 6 or a GTA San Andreas remake. It’s just a cool looking robot with a small Easter Egg.

The wait for GTA 6 has and continues to be a long time. At seven years and counting, this is the biggest gap between Grand Theft Auto games since the five-year wait between GTA IV and GTA V. So I get why some fans are getting desperate for any info or details about the sequel to GTA V. And over the last two years I’ve seen an increase in the number of fake videos, Tweets, rumours and more about GTA 6. Don’t let random Reddit posts and trolls trick you or your friends. Remember how many incorrect rumours about GTA V floated around before the game was released or revealed?

Your best bet for hearing about GTA 6 or any future Rockstar games will be following them on Twitter or Instagram. They always post new game announcements and trailers there.

Of course, follow Kotaku too. Because if a legit leak happens or a real teaser is released, we will report on it as quickly and accurately as possible.


  • I find it odd that with (presumably) hundreds of people working on big AAA games we don’t see more leaks.

    • Usually there is the standard NDA that’s stopping leaks. But there is also a sense of pride in the work these people do, as well as the combined excitement of finally being able to show it off and seeing peoples reactions. It spoils the surprise when leaks happen so most devs usually don’t mind keeping hush-hush about it so that the impact of their work is greater.

    • Probably has something to do with the fact that most AAA game studios have stricter NDAs than most governments around the world.

    • Probably most of those people like working in that industry and don’t want to risk never getting another job in said industry in order to gain… basically nothing by leaking information.

    • Aside from the NDA’s in their contacts, many people would be emotionally and financially invested in their games and likely understand how important the promotional and marketing side is.

  • Rockstar making sex robots now? given pandemics, overpopulation, and std’s. I’m pretty ok with that!

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