PSA: You Can Play Dope Wars In Slack

PSA: You Can Play Dope Wars In Slack
Image: Dope Wars

Dope Wars was one of those classic games from the ’90s that ended up being ported everywhere. You could play it in DOS. iPhones. Palm Pilots. Calculators.

And now you can play it the one place we need it most: on your work’s Slack server.

Here’s how it works. First off, you have to install Dopewars Bot to your work Slack channel either through the Apps tab on the left hand side, or by going to the Dopewars Bot website.

dopewars slack bot

Once the bot’s installed – and you’ll need the right privileges for your Slack workspace – the bot will tell you that any users on the server can send a message to start a game. You’ll then get a little message with a basic description of what Dope Wars is, with a button to start playing.

The rest of the game pans out through a series of button clicks, with the bot only recognising text inputs when you need to input a number (“35 Viagra”, for instance). The bot is smart enough to edit messages so your feed is fairly readable, which is nice.

It’s not the cleanest way of playing Dope Wars, and certainly isn’t the fastest. But it is a great little feature to add to your workplace channel, and something that some colleagues might really appreciate especially if they’re not particularly knowledgeable about video games. Everyone needs a break every now and again, even if it just ends up with you getting your ass beaten in a dank alley in the Bronx holding bags of Viagra.

Dope Wars Comes To iPhone

Dope Wars Comes To iPhone


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