SEGA’s Corporate Structure, As Explained By Angry Shirtless Man

SEGA’s Corporate Structure, As Explained By Angry Shirtless Man
Image: SEGA

Corporate transitions can be hard to understand. This shirtless Japanese dude doesn’t make that any easier, but you’ve gotta appreciate the energy.

The ad was tweeted out by the official SEGA Twitter account this morning, with an extra warning that the volume is unnecessarily loud. But you have to love how much fun everyone involved had (half the video is the sound of people laughing in the background).

The company is about to celebrate their 60th birthday, so it’s natural for a bit of transition to take place. The company’s legendary mascot, Segata Sanshiro, is being replaced with Sanshiro’s son.

Sega's New Mascot Is The Son Of Sega's Old Mascot

Back in the 90s, around the time of the Saturn, Sega had the greatest console mascot of all time: Segata Sanshiro, a man who wanted you to buy Sega, and would absolutely make you eat shit if you didn’t. Now, in 2020, his son is taking his place.

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Sanshiro’s dad, in case you never saw subbed versions of the original commercials, was the dude who would go around punishing kids for having a social life instead of playing SEGA. Also, he broke a console with his forehead for some reason.

So SEGA’s doing just fine. And in these dark, uncertain times, at least a company is still out there being funny.


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