Slurpuff Can Smell How Sad You Are

Every Pokemon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! It’s Slurpuff!

Slurpuff Details

Type: Fairy

Average Height: 2′ 07

Average Weight: 11.0 lbs.

First Added In Generation VI

Having a bad day, but trying to hide it from everyone? Well, you can’t hide it from Slurpuff. If you are feeling sad, depressed, anxious or just bad, Slurpuff can tell. It will know. How? Because it has an extremely powerful sense of smell. So powerful that it can even, somehow, detect the differences in your mental state. I didn’t know happy people smelled differently than sad people but turns out Slurpuff knew all along.

According to Bulbapedia, Slurpuff has a sense of smell that is 100 million times stronger than a human’s own nose. To put that in perspective, a dog’s sense of smell is around 100 times more powerful than a human’s sense of smell. Bears are thought to have even stronger smell perception, with their sense of smell being 1200 times stronger than a human. Meanwhile, Slurpuff is over here with a sense of smell that is so strong it is scary.

Seriously, think about that. A sense of smell that strong and that powerful might be useful, but it could be a distraction too. Imagine going to a park and smelling some dog shitting in another park in another state. Imagine all the dog poop you would smell, everywhere. Slurpuff seems to have evolved a way to deal with this or is just really good at ignoring how bad every person it encounters must smell.

A nice bonus is that not only can Slurpuff smell how sad you might be feeling, but it can also help you right away. According to Pokedex entries, this small Pokemon is extremely fluffy and soft. This is because it is mainly made out of air. So it is the perfect Pokemon to hug when you are feeling sad or stressed. Just take a shower before you hug it because that poor thing is going to smell you in a way you can’t understand.

Did you eat Taco Bell last week? Oh, it knows. God, it wishes it didn’t.

Favourite Fan Art

I don’t find this version of Slurpuff cuter, but it is a dog now and people like dogs. So I guess it’s an improvement?

Random Facts

  • Because it has such a great sense of smell some chefs use it to help them while cooking. Please, don’t cut onions near Slurpuff. It might die.

  • Apparently, there are some folks who in the Pokemon universe who are trying to use Slurpuff to help detect medical conditions in patients. Which sounds extremely useful! Finally, a useful Pokemon for a change.

  • I need to say it somewhere so why not here, the random facts section. What would a fart smell like if you were Slurpuff? Keep Stunky away from Slurpuff!

Best Comment From Last Week

This thing looks like a cute subway car. If real subways looked like this I think we would see more instances of people trying to hug’em.


Please, do not try to hug the subway cars. Especially when they are moving.

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