Sony Slowing Game Download Speeds In Europe To Help With ‘Internet Stability’

Sony Slowing Game Download Speeds In Europe To Help With ‘Internet Stability’
Image: Sony

Today, Sony said it’s working with internet providers in Europe to manage PlayStation download traffic now that social distancing has brought more people online than ever. Players might experience slower game downloads during this time.

Google and Netflix have announced similar policies to try to limit the amount of data their video streaming services use, as more and more people remain inside following national lockdowns as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic. Following requests from European leaders, Netflix turned off its highest bandwidth streams, while Google had Youtube videos default to standard definition. Today, Google announced it would be expanding that policy to the rest of the globe.

Last week, both Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Nintendo’s Switch Online networks experienced outages. The eShop was offline for almost nine hours last Tuesday, just as the European workday was starting. However, neither company has confirmed if increased usage had anything to do with the downtime. Today, the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, did say that Microsoft is seeing “an unprecedented demand for gaming from our customers right now.”

Sony did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 


  • PSN downloads are ALREADY slow compared to everything else (on my connection, at least). You’re already doing your bit, Sony! No need to do more!

    • This could be fun! Limit the speeds to 2kbps during twitch-shooters and see if anyone can hit anything. Have everyone throw a grenade and it becomes a tense moment of musical chairs

    • Glad i am not the only one, i have fibre to the home and the Xbox is happy to steal the whole pipe, the PS4 on the other hand is telling me i need to wait an hours to update the new game i just bought.

      • I’ve got NBN 100 (HFC). I generally get 90-95 on the PC, but PS4 varies around 40-70. Both using wired connections, not wifi.

  • Maybe the ISPs should just be giving us the speeds we pay for? Oh? You mean the infrastructure isn’t in place because profit comes before people?
    Gee, thanks Malcolm. Wouldn’t a robust and strong NBN have been good right now…

    • at least you seemingly have NBN. I live in the biggest city in this damn country, yet still do not have NBN connected. instead I get an ADSL service that cannot even manage to stay connected for more than an hour and caps out at 800kb/s. its sad when you get a better online gameplay experience from tethering to phone than from your fixed line connection.

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