OK, Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Has A Lot Going On

Teamfight Tactics is another game that’s having a massive March, because it’s finally making its full debut on Android on iOS. But outside of platforms, TFT is getting completely shaken up, so much so that the developers hope you’ll be getting a completely different game every time you play.

It’s called Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies, with Galaxies being the latest set in Riot’s autobattler. The set’s main mechanic is that every game of TFT will take you to a new “galaxy,” where the rulesets change from match to match.

Those rule changes could be something minor, like everyone starting with two help items off the bat. One galaxy, outlined by Riot, features only four-star champions from the initial carousel. Do you flood the board with cheaper champions or try and build around your four-star champ early?

On top of that, there’s all the major and minor origins to keep in mind. There’s three separate classes with subclasses of their own. Legendary heroes like Thresh can pull allies from the bench onto the battlefield mid-fight. There’s a starship that’s basically the League equivalent of a Carrier from StarCraft. And then there’s a subclass of mercenaries, who can get upgraded further as special items will (sometimes) appear in your shop when you have them on the board.

It’s … it’s a lot.

That said, all of this is a perfect fit for mobile games. I’m a little reminded of the setup Ubisoft had for Might & Magic: Chess Royale, which did something similar by cycling out spells every 24 hours. Some of those spells combined could literally clear the board in the early game, so if you didn’t plan around it, you were going to get totally smashed. TFT is a much better game than Chess Royale, though.

Teamfight Tactics is launching on mobile sometime this month. If you pre-registered on Android, you might be able to install it to your device now. Otherwise, sit tight for a week or so. It’ll pop up soon.

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