The Digimon Adventure Reboot Is Looking Good

The Digimon Adventure Reboot Is Looking Good
Gif: Toei Animation

Announced back in January with a teaser trailer, Toei Animation has released a short but action-packed trailer for the new Digimon Adventure anime, showing Tai and his partner Agumon in action. It’s good stuff.

The new series is a reboot of Digimon franchise, wiping two decades of animated history to give fans a fresh, modern tale featuring the faces of familiar Digidestined children and their digital monster companions. It looks like a fitting follow-up to feature film Digimon Adventure: Last Adventure Kizuna, which portrayed the popular characters as adults outgrowing their unique bonds with the digital world.

The new series starts airing in Japan on April 5. Considering Toei released an English version of this latest trailer, we can expect it to be subbed in short order.

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